black marlin

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large game fish in the Pacific Ocean

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Indo-Pacific black marlin Makaira indica Escolar Lepidocybium flauobrunneum Indo-Pacific blue marlin Makaira mazara Wahoo Acanthocybium solandri Shortfin mako shark Isurus oxyrinchus Barracuda Sphyraena spp.
Movements and variations in early year-class strength of black marlin (Makaira indica) off eastern Australia.
The question raised Hemingway's earlier suggestion to Cadwalader: that blue marlin are the offspring of old black marlin, and that the white are the offspring of young fish.
Assessing the impact of tuna longlining in Area E requires an understanding of black marlin biology and information on the catch and effort of commercial and game fisheries.
The black marlin don't run so big in the Indian Ocean, but 700-pounders have been recorded, while the world best for a striped marlin is 494lb.
Blue, striped, and black marlin, as well as sailfish can be caught year-round but some seasons are better than others, depending on which species of marlin you prefer.
Broadbill swordfish and black marlin move through this part of the ocean, along with large schooling species such as trevallies and tunas.
Thornton achieved a 'grand slam' which was a sailfish of 150 lb, a black marlin of 190 lb and a striped marlin of 130 lb.
Batch fecundity of blue marlin is estimated to be larger than that of the black marlin (Makaira indica) in the waters off Taiwan (0.
His biggest fish, however, was a black marlin, which at 600lb, dwarfed everything else.
1992); black marlin, Makaira indica (Pepperell and Davis, 1999)).
One-thousand-pound black marlin and five-pound bonefish are in Douglas Nilsen's sights.
As feeding stocks dwindle, large ocean roaming predator fish such as the renowned black marlin are certain to change their yearly migration patterns, relocating to richer feeding grounds elsewhere.
Clapp, a tourist from Orange Grove, California, had landed what was believed to be a world record black marlin off Kona, on the island of Hawaii ("World's Record" 7).
Champion black marlin come from the reef's northern waters.