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Synonyms for black market

people who engage in illicit trade

an illegal market in which goods or currencies are bought and sold in violation of rationing or controls

deal in illegally, such as arms or liquor

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Last week, Wau town municipal council authorities said its security personnel seized 68 fuel barrels of fuel from night smugglers who intended to benefit from the black market.
Three Somalia nationals operating a fuel station in Wau were arrested and ordered to, within 24 hours, leave Wau town on allegations of promoting sale of fuel in the black market.
After the fuel shortage in Wau, operating stations were reserved only for government use and business people, but station managers turned to the black market to make profits.
Hyper-connectivity will create more points of presence for attack and exploitation so that crime increasingly will have a networked or cyber component, creating a wider range of opportunities for black markets.
Within days, that data appeared - available for purchase - on black market websites.
However, experts disagree on who will be the most affected by the growth of the black market, what products will be on the rise and which types of attacks will be more prevalent, Ablon said.
On the other hand, the smaller non-tire carbon black market will expand at a much stronger 5.
While special blacks are a minor segment of the overall carbon black market as measured in tonnage, they command considerably higher per-kilogram prices than commodity furnace blacks, and thus will continue to be the focus of research and development activity.
In July 2001, the United Nations convened a panel focusing on the black market trade in small arms and light weapons.
Arms, sold legitimately or on the black market, go where the conflicts are.
With the official food distribution system running as much as twenty days behind schedule in some cities, brokering and transporting of illegal goods became essential to large black markets like Ameyokocho and provided badly need employment for those who had no other option.
49) Some of this was recovered by the occupation forces after they arrived at the end of August but much of it vanished, only to reappear again in the myriad black markets throughout Japan.
Early one sunny April morning in 1947, Shukan Asahi journalist Akiyama Yoshinori boarded a black market train (yami ressha) in Chiba City to examine firsthand life in the black market (yami ichi).
Lawman Armor, manufacturers of AutoLock, will update the media on the auto theft techniques used to fuel the black market trade in parts.
made weapons in Pakistan make their way into the black market through Afghan smugglers who buy these weapons from Afghan soldiers and policemen.