black marketeer

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someone who engages illegally in trade in scarce or controlled commodities

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While bemoaning their lack of power to catch the really big fish, especially zaibatsu firms, many police made their living by extorting "exemptions" from black marketeers in return for looking the other way.
With no war to fight, Ray makes the monotonous days go quicker by acting as a drug dealer, black marketeer and all-round party provider to his apathetic army pals.
20pm) Wildlife protection agent Richard Chamberlain falls for Karen Allen, sister of a black marketeer he must arrest.
Set in war-ravaged Vienna, it's the thrilling story of murderous black marketeer Harry Lime (Orson Welles).
An evil black marketeer in rare animals tries to kidnap Joe but leggy Charlize helps him to leg it after a road accident in downtown LA.
This grasping black marketeer couldn't care less that his activities are jeopardising security for the Euro '96 soccer finals.
Alan Arkin makes a fair stab at bombed-out bombardier Yossarian, Richard Benjamin is a supremely supercilious Major Danby and Jon Voight is black marketeer Milo Minderbinder.
They teamed up to get the better of black marketeer baddies, but there was also a romantic sub-plot.
He meets little league sluggers defying the odds and dreaming of the majors; doctors and medical researchers saving lives; hustlers finding ways around limited internet connections; artists and designers at the height of creativity; and black marketeers selling a vital entertainment and information device called "the package.
After the brutal raid on the lab, computer scientist Jana is desperate to get away and finally agrees with Sam the cleaner to attempt to escape via the route being controlled by the black marketeers.
No - counterfeiters and black marketeers will be rubbing their hands in glee.
The shocking discovery comes as overseas black marketeers flood the UK with counterfeit characters from the movie.
Even as the army and other agencies tried to help the civic administration, and the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu issued a stern warning against hoarders and black marketeers, prices of vegetables and other food items sky rocketed.
Sharing details of the crackdown conducted against profiteers, adulterators and black marketeers in the city on regular basis he said the momentum against these unassuming criminals have to be maintained and that this also needed to be supported by the consumers themselves.
The chief minister's off-the-cuff remarks have come at the time when the Centre has asked the state governments to crack down on hoarders and black marketeers to rein in price rise and inflation in the country.