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a highly venomous southern African mamba dreaded because of its quickness and readiness to bite

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While their paychecks help their families buy food, the Black Mambas aren't making a great deal of money.
Besides the poor pay and tough living arrangements, the job is also dangerous--not only do the Black Mambas face the very real possibility of encountering armed poachers, they also risk their lives every time they step into the reserve with free-roaming animals like lions and elephants.
Mogakane tells me that after high school, she was jobless for three years before she got a position with the Black Mambas.
What's more, the Black Mambas seem proud of the fact that they're women doing what has traditionally been a man's job.
It's no wonder--the Black Mambas have become a formidable force in the park.
project: Clunes And the only thing that seems to be working to battle the problem is the Black Mambas, who patrol the 300-mile perimeter fence.
Usually the venom of a black mamba can kill someone in 20 minutes, but Friede, 45, is hoping that his body's capacity to withstand it might help reduce the number of people killed by snake bites every year.
In the hot, humid climate of Swaziland in Southern Africa, black mambas thrive.
Thea Litschka-Koen initially became interested in black mambas after one of her sons chose snakes as a school project.
Joining forces with an expert from Johannesburg, the Litschka-Koens began a research project to track rescued black mambas they released into the wild.
NEW YORK -- The black mamba is a snake with a notorious reputation for being fast, furious, and deadly.
Nature's Black Mamba is a production of Tigress Productions Limited and THIRTEEN for WNET.
David Jones, 45, has spent four months in a 5m x 4m sealed room with two black mambas, two green mambas, three snouted cobras, seven bloomsangs and 27 puff adders.
The snakes will include snouted cobras, green and black mambas, deadly puff adders and boomslangs.
TV ZOOLOGIST Mark O'Shea is out to prove that man is more of a threat to the cobras, pythons and black mambas than vice versa.