black lung disease

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lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust

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Black lung disease is caused by long-term inhalation of dust and other irritants and is also known as coal workers' pneumoconiosis, since it typically affects coal miners.
Coal also contributes to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, notably black lung disease.
Its aim is to stop black lung disease, which is a scourge that costs precious lives, unnecessary hardship and billions in benefit dollars every year.
Henderson's greatest accomplishments was securing benefits for coal miners who had incurred black lung disease.
A two-part, comprehensive action plan to tackle black lung, which encompassed education, enhanced enforcement, training and rulemaking, including publication of a proposed rule on lowering miners' exposure to respirable coal dust to end black lung disease among miners.
Now, 40 years later, Ireland's coal miners, dogged by ill-health from pneumoconiosis or black lung disease, and asthma, are battling for compensation.
3 million yen in compensation to black lung disease sufferers who formerly worked on tunnel construction projects ordered mainly by the state.
Pneumoconiosis, also known as black lung disease, is caused by prolonged inhalation of irritants, in this case, coal dust.
And if you thought federal laws were protecting miners from black lung disease, you ought to read a recent series in the Louisville Courier-Journal that says as many as 3,600 working miners have black lung.
McGregor plays one of the younger miner-musicians, ``The Lost World's'' Pete Postlethwaite is the aging conductor with black lung disease and Tara Fitzgerald is the band's single female member and McGregor's love interest.
Such practices can lead to mine explosions and black lung disease.
The men, who worked in Ballingarry, Arigna, Castlecomer and Rossmore mines, are suffering from pneumoconiosis - better known as black lung disease.
Navy base in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, and contracted black lung disease concluded Monday at the Yokosuka branch of the Yokohama District Court.
It would bring us many steps closer to overhauling an outdated program that has failed to adequately protect miners from breathing unhealthy levels of coal mine dust and achieving the intent of Congress to eliminate black lung disease.
He later developed black lung disease and had mercury on the brain.