black lung

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lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust

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They gather not just as a support group but also to help one another complete the stacks of paperwork necessary to apply for government-mandated benefits for black lung and navigate the tortuous appeals process.
And while there are 28 black lung trusts under Section 501(c) of the federal Tax Code, a search of federal Form 990s by The NonProfit Times showed contact information provided made most of them almost impossible to reach.
Workers' Compensation and Black Lung Benefits Workers' compensation and black lung benefit obligation according to Massey Energy Co.
The one classroom exhibit we did have, in a Perspex-style case containing a preserving fluid, was a black lung taken from a smoker with cancer.
The Department of Labor (DOL) Black Lung Benefits Program provides medical and income assistance to coal miners who suffer total disability or death due to lung disease caused by coal dust.
Regarding black lung and its consequences, coal dust is coal dust, red steel dust is contaminated with all sorts of deadly heavy metals breathed in by the steel makers.
Her voice sounded richer and more sonorous with age as it echoed around the theatre, especially on the emotive a capella song Black Lung.
The miners' escape from their harsh and dangerous working conditions becomes tainted when the band's lead cornet player is struck down with black lung disease, leaving the band desperately in need of a replacement.
A smoker's tar-coated black lung juxtaposed with the healthy lung of a nonsmoker.
The Black Lung Benefits Act provides for workers' compensation for miners suffering from black lung.
Court orders state to compensate workers for black lung disease
A "topped" mountain does not cause the black lung pandemics and mine shaft collapses that killed thousands in the 20th century, but the new technology has brought a slew of new environmental problems.
USAction examined three programs, the Black Lung program, RECA, and EEOICPA.
The battle over black lung disease is an example of this sequence.