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the act of wrinkling the brow, as in thought, puzzlement, or displeasure

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I won't mention the black look (generic), The masking of mirrors
REVAMP your work wardrobe with this Fusion Arden black LOOK lovely in lace like Hayley Burke, 19, from Middlesbrough, who is modelling a black lace playsuit, pounds 24.
The model features MC Auto Shift software, a revised exhaust system, body coloured side skirts and front winglets, a stylish black grille featuring the Maserati Trident logo with red accents, black mesh side grilles, black look headlights, an integrated rear boot lid spoiler and oval exhaust pipes, along with Grigio Mercury Neptune-design alloy wheels.
Visually, the GranCabrio Sport looks more dynamic - from the black grille with Trident to the black look headlights with white sidemarks.
While a little black dress can take you through many club outings, the new goth black look can add chutzpah to your personality.
Get the look 02GO FOR the Men In Black look with this black trilby, pounds 10, from Next.
Brunette, dark skin Gold, dark plum and black look great for smoky eyes, while lips can be striking with rich and warm shades like big bold reds.
The reason for the black look in the 1960s and 70s was so that television viewers with black and white sets could distinguish between Wales and the other nations, who donned white shorts.
and Lord Black look forward to the prompt and effective pursuit of Lazard's work, and to the presentation to International and Hollinger of a course producing value superior to that presented by the Barclays' tender offer for Hollinger and proposed bid for International.
Richard Foster and Ian Black look set to miss out again with longer term injury victims Arnold Peralta and Jon Daly also out.
This dissatisfaction is so profound that even when many of these women somehow find themselves with a natural black look, they bleach the hair and dye it blonde.
The logo's bold black look mimicked the cuts of the coal face involved in the mining process.
When I asked how he got the job there and where he went for an interview - to try to ascertain where in England I could contact someone - again a black look.
A BLACK look from Mother Goose has seen nature photographer John Short add another prize to a long list of awards.
So it's time the dream was over, No more mystery tours, Or crawling around those Hamburg I fooled you all with that image, I made black look so white, I made the most of all the fun, Now I'll shine on with the fight, Or maybe I'll just hide away, Once again to be free, Just like that fisherman inside me, Drifting away to sea.