ultraviolet radiation

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Black light was one of five different light sources used in Roy Arden's recent exhibition at CSA Space--an arrangement of miniature sculptures, readymades, and collages, the central component of which was a long table cluttered with items and titled Procession, 2013.
If the black light test works, it represents a real advance in observing how shot moves though the air at normal game contact ranges.
First prize is a shell jacket and shell pants from Black Light, 2nd prize a 200 Euro gift voucher from Peak Performance web shop and 3rd prize a 100 Euro voucher.
I have a background in organic chemistry, so after doing some experimenting, I came up with a paint that is totally transparent until it's exposed to black light," Dopps said.
Perhaps the most notable title from powerHouse's catalog, flipping through the pages of the 12 1/4 "by 15 1/4" format of Black Light makes you feel like you own a piece of the artist's work.
The political claims, however, soon take a backseat to a strange phenomenon of black light that wreaks havoc with the technology of the conflicting nations.
Meanwhile, researchers also found that when they shine a black light on oranges, the black light reveals bright yellow dots on the skin of freeze-damaged fruit.
So many college freshmen have an open door policy when they first live on their own that we hardly can consider creepy dorm rooms public enough to contend for Best Way to Have Fun in Black Light.
Shopper Maryam Hashemi of Woodland Hills filled a basket with creepy crawlers, black light bulbs, a cauldron and spiders.
Angela Davis and Huey Newton posters stand guard on the walls in an off-campus apartment dimmed by black light.
Except for traditional state-approved ballet and folk dance, as well as a stagnant form of the 1950s dance/puppetry craze known as Black Light Theatre, Czech arts took a severe battering under 50 years of Communist rule.
Flowers such as four-o'clocks and portulacas invented the fluorescent look long before the psychedelic 1960s with its black light posters, new research shows.
Yes, it's a very familiar problem, but doing the asking this time is Huddersfield-based Black Light Productions, one of the UK's fastest growing youth theatre production companies.
If you put that stuff under a black light it shows like it's radioactive.
The company has introduced black light curable doming compounds that are specifically designed to cure under black light to hard crystal clear polymers.