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application of the black letter law, determining its presumptions and
Dr Ahmad and other leading solicitors, such as Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights group Liberty, are working to change this by supporting the Commission for Racial Equality's Black Letter Law publications, which celebrate the achievements of ethnic minority lawyers.
The white-faced Welsh sheep have a black letter "P" on the right and clipped ears.
The comments give the background, rationale, and applicability of black letter provisions, while the reporter's notes document and discuss the sources for the black letter and comments and provide a basis for further research.
Although specific procedures cannot be set forth with black letter rules, a careful reading of the Tax Court decisions suggests that businesses need to carefully document a liquidation plan.
The volumes, which are part of the CCH Tax Transactions Library, go far beyond a black letter analysis.
Black Letter Discovery Becomes the First E-Discovery Services Provider to be Included in the Program
The month-long festival is being organised by Black Letter Days and ends tomorrow.
Each pane is printed with a single black letter a metre high, designed by typographer Karel Martens.
The actions or inactions of the local Planning Department in delaying approvals and/or in applying a newly interpreted set of rules to what previously had been time-honored policy, and, in fact, what most practitioners would have considered black letter law, have substantially increased the cost of housing to the public.
Today, students frequently use Emanuel's guides or those put out by his competitors--Gilbert Law Summaries, Sum and Substance, Black Letter Series, Legalines, Casenote Legal Briefs, and Nutshell Law Outlines--for that extra edge in class and on exams.
An alternative set of black letter caps completes the suite of characters.
Bharatiya Janata Party would issue a black letter against the Uttar Pradesh Government for their malpractices.
FineReader XIX: Fraktur/ Black Letter Script Recognition