black lead

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used as a lubricant and as a moderator in nuclear reactors

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One is for a "grateful and comforting" cocoa while another advertises domes of black lead for the bargain price of just 6d.
The Black Cock Inn in Falstone has a bar for 30, with an original black lead fireplace and a separate pool room/further bar area seating around 25 customers.
The TV program broke new ground as the first to cast a black lead and a white lead, as well as film episodes in exotic locations such as Hong Kong, Italy, Greece and Mexico.
Tenders are invited for Black Drinking Water Solution For Inside Painting Of Alluminium Water Tank Ready Mixed Paint Brushing Bituminous Black Lead Free Alkali Water Chlorine Resisting .
The attacker was walking a female tan mongrel dog, with a dirty and worn red and black lead.
The implications of casting a black lead are nothing short of revolutionary in an entertainment industry accustomed to featuring exclusively white actors in leading roles, Hispanic activists and television executives say.
New US Subsidiary To Market Line Of Artists' Color Pencils, Black Lead Pencils, Cutting Products, Cases, Portfolios
Tenders are invited for Ready Mixed Paint, Brushing Bituminous Black Lead Free , Acid, Alkali, Water And Chlorine Resisting To Is:9862/1981 With Amendment No.
While it was the first time a film with a black lead was number one in the box office, it also signaled the drastically declining relevance of Hollywood's whitewashed liberal agenda, now far removed from the more radical racial politics taking place on the streets of America.