black knot

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disease of plum and cherry trees characterized by black excrescences on the branches

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Figure 3 shows board #8 affected by coloration as well as sound and black knots.
Other important reasons for reduction in sawn timber grade were number of green knots, size of red knots, number of black knots, and number of decayed knots.
diameter (this type of knot is desirable and as many as possible should be included on the good side); splits within the knots are acceptable unless they seriously weaken the part and cannot be filled; occasional small black knots if they are tight and not over 1/4 in.
of knots 0 Sound knots Not allowed Black knots Not allowed Rotten knots Not allowed Cracks Not allowed Discoloration Max 33% of top diameter over bark Grade Property 2 Allowed lengths (m) 3.
This grade will permit any size or number of round red knots (splits within the knot are acceptable and splits around the knot are acceptable up to 2/3 of the circumference of the knot); small black knots which are tight and not over 1/32 in.
Small black knots that are tight and not over 1/2" (12.
clear wood > live knots > tight dead knots > loose black knots or knot holes) (Barbour et al.
And nest, twenty pounds of black Knots and buzzing fists.