black knot

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disease of plum and cherry trees characterized by black excrescences on the branches

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Amur chokecherry (Prunus maackii) is not affected by black knot and remains a valuable ornamental tree.
In yellow-birch, sound and black knots are not the most important defects, as one might find in softwoods.
Black jersey strap vest, Pounds 15, oyster side split pencil skirt, Pounds 40, and black knot sandals, Pounds 15, all from Bhs.
They became winged black knots above the treetops, leaving to destinations unknown.
And nest, twenty pounds of black Knots and buzzing fists.
Occasional small black knots if they are tight and not over 1/4" (6.
clear wood > live knots > tight dead knots > loose black knots or knot holes) (Barbour et al.
Small black knots which are tight and not over 1/2 in.
Other important reasons for reduction in sawn timber grade were number of green knots, size of red knots, number of black knots, and number of decayed knots.