black kite

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dark Old World kite feeding chiefly on carrion

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Rob said: "I was looking out and it just flew over the garden and I couldn't believe it was a black kite.
Among the major cities of the world, the national Capital has the highest density of black kites ( Milvus migrans govinda).
The sighting of a black kite was the first since one was seen in 1994 at Tynemouth.
Like the LCS, the Black Kite is designed with an open architecture, so a potential customer could transform it to take on different missions, including anti-submarine warfare.
Other bird species are 'queuing up on the other side of the Channel', including the black kite, serin, black-winged stilts and fan-tailed warbler.
Ramsden saddles Black Kite (Neisius) and Operation Scorpio (Raoul Zieve) in the opening juvenile maiden plate (10.
A rare Black Kite has left the warmth of southern Europe to spend winter near Winchester, Hampshire.
They include the black kite and honey buzzard - neither of which to the best of my knowledge are resident breeding birds in Britain.
Vin Winery; Sam Tannahill, A to Z Wineworks and Francis-Tannahill Winery; Joe Davis, Arcadian Winery; Anna Matzinger, Archery Summit Winery; Mark McWilliams, Arista Winery; Jim Clendenen, Au Bon Climat Winery; Jeff Gaffner, Black Kite Cellars and Saxon Brown Wines; Peter Cargasacchi, Cargasacchi Vineyards and Winery; Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe Winery & Vineyards; Michael Browne, Kosta-Browne Winery; Brian Loring, Loring Wine Company; James Hall, Patz & Hall Winery; Adam and Dianna Lee, Siduri Wines; Mike Sinor, Sinor-LaValle Wine Company and Ryan Zepaltas, Zepaltas Wines.
Wineries likely to participate include: August West, Belle Glos, Bernardus, Black Kite, Boekenoogen, Cattleya, Hahn Family Wines, Hallcrest, Hawks View, Hope & Grace, J.
This is a habitat for the white-tailed eagle, red and black kite, and beavers.
Values for alpha-3 fraction in the rooster, alpha-1 fraction in the black kite, and alpha fractions in the pigeon obtained by AGE were very well correlated with the prealbumin fraction values obtained by CZE.
Rarity of the week was a probable black kite seen over North Wales - spotted from Hilbre Island, it gained height over Point of Air, but wasn't reported by anyone from Deeside.
Other notable recorded sightings include the stunning purple heron, which breeds in Africa and Asia, turning up in Dwyran on Anglesey, and a black kite, common in tropical parts of Australasia, flying over Marloes Mere in Pembrokeshire.
Honey buzzards, osprey, black kite, marsh harriers, and short-toed eagle are killed.