black ice

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a thin coating of ice (as from freezing mist) on a road or sidewalk

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A spokesman for Bridgend fire station, which sent a fire engine and rescue tender to the scene, said the vehicles crashed on a corner due to black ice.
The Black ICE PLC / Network Gateway product will provide an ultra-secure solution for existing automation environments that is functionally compatible with and easily integrated into various industry ICS environments.
Tim Besecker from Londoun County tumbled as he stepped on the driveway and it appeared as if he was skating on black ice.
South Wales Policealso attended the incident, and closed a section of the A474 between Pontardawe andGwaun-Cae-Gurwendue to concerns over black ice.
You can melt snow or prevent black ice by spreading some salt on the area you have cleared.
Police officers were called to a spate of crashes across the region after rain fell on black ice.
The RSA urged motorists to look out for black ice, with 4cm to 8cm of snow predicted for higher ground.
At 3:18am, North Wales Police posted on Facebook: "A55 - black ice warning Abergele area.
There is black ice on State Highway 1, between Palmerston and Gore, Dunedin to Waitati, Waipahi to Evansdale, and Milton to Gore and ice between Clinton and Balclutha.
The model features a Satin Black Ice-finish grille and 20-inch chrome-clad wheels with Satin Black Ice accents, stepping up from the 18-inch wheels for the rest of the Sport Touring family.
This will melt the snow but may replace it with black ice, increasing the risk of injury.
THIS was the scene after a Ferrari crashed into a pillar because of black ice on a Cardiff street.
POLICE described a road where a lorry hit black ice and left the road as "like an ice skating rink" and said better gritting was needed.
A BELOVED mother was killed in a horrific road smash yesterday when her car hit black ice.