black ice

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a thin coating of ice (as from freezing mist) on a road or sidewalk

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Police and recovery workers attempt to move a lorry after it skidded off Yarm Back Lane after hitting a patch of black ice
He told how the roads didn't seem too perilous at the time for drivers but said there may have been a presence of black ice.
3) Mechanical removal of snow and slush and black ice elimination of sidewalks, bicycle routes with a total length of 55 820 m - Appendix 5 to the agreement;
A woman driving a 2004 Ford Explorer hit black ice on Still River Road, heading toward Bolton Orchards, Alfano said.
Police were called when a car overturned on black ice at the Pentrebach turn-off just after 6am.
About 20 vehicles were involved in accidents and three drivers were hurt as black ice affected both carriageways near junction 13 at Abington, Lanarkshire.
com)-- Black Ice Software, a leading supplier of document conversion, printing, imaging and faxing software, announces the release of version 13.
A CAR came off the road after apparently skidding on black ice.
District Court in Concord, Black Ice Software LLC and its subsidiary, Faxproducts.
I WRITE to you with regards to your article about the black ice on the A1 between Felton and Alnwick (The Journal, January 3).
Revellers have opted for a sophisticated tipple with a dark edge - Black Ice is a delicate balance of irresistible fizz and deadly black Sambuca.
A CABBIE had a miracle escape after a lorry lost control on black ice yesterday - sending a steel beam crashing into the front of his car.
In February, representatives of Paulaner HP USA teamed-up on the ice with New Hampshire Distributors for the 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament.
BLACK ICE BOSS dipped under the 24-second barrier when setting the standard in the heats of the Coral On TV Standard at Romford on Monday, but connections' joy was short-lived as he was found to be lame after, writes Tony Bullen.
Personal Cooling System The Black Ice Cool Collar Personal Cooling System, models CCXK and CCX-S, is a two-piece system consisting of a soft neoprene wrap applied to the back of the neck, with an attachable, reusable cooling element that maintains a regulated temperature output of 57 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 1.