black humour

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the juxtaposition of morbid and farcical elements (in writing or drama) to give a disturbing effect

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FUN: Modern warfare is met with black humour from British and American troops.
Screenwriter Steven Conrad beautifully engineers subtle shifts between black humour and pathos, drawing us into this luckless man's life.
Chatam, ridden by Richard Dunwoody, comes home a distance clear of Black Humour in the Tommy Whittle Chase at Haydock.
IN the futile world of the absurd it is often black humour that can save a man from going insane.
They are garrotted, stabbed and shot in scenes that combine shocks, scares and black humour.
Tony award–winning director John Tiffany (Black Watch) directs with a sense of unspoken tension and black humour from Jack Thorne's script.
DOWN BUT NOT 3 OUT Houston, left, says Levein is happy to pick Gers stars BLACK HUMOUR Z Darren Fletcher enjoys a joke with new boy Ian Black as he returns to the Scotland fold for some light training
However his cartooning allows for the expression of black humour, and adds to an outstanding portrait that will remain with readers.
Sad to say, his follow-up, The Cottage, falls woefully short of his first film, awkwardly melding stomach-churning horror and black humour without a firm grasp on either strand.
AWKWARDLY melding stomachchurning horror and black humour without a firm grasp on either strand, this falls woefully short of Paul Andrew Williams' debut London To Brighton.
Coming from the black humour capital of the world that is Belfast - oh the laughs we used to have during the Troubles - I am doubly cursed.
A BLOOD-DRENCHED hoot, splicing black humour with impressive make-up effects.
Reminiscent of Fargo with its snowy setting and black humour, this never quite finds its feet, but I rather liked its quirkiness.
THE lawyer representing jailed North Wales nurse Barbara Salisbury insists she was convicted because of black humour and inappropriate remarks.