black humor

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the juxtaposition of morbid and farcical elements (in writing or drama) to give a disturbing effect

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At this point, we find Scott Stevens's racist responses to Hurricane Katrina a second-rate parody of black humor fiction.
The common theme of the wide range of human blindness--from literally being unable to see to willfully refusing to see what lies before one--permeates these often dark verses, sometimes brooding and anxious, sometimes laced with black humor.
The show's black humor reveals that Tyson knows this.
Horror and black humor blend in this inviting survey.
Spotlighting Eitzel's gift for tempering black humor with rough-hewn truth--and featuring his exasperated singing style and accomplished backing from his original bandmates--Patriots ranks among Eitzel's finest work.
Any excuse is good enough to engage in verbal improvisation and signal the target of black humor.
This appeals to my black humor and my well-nurtured cynicism.
Oe, winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize for Literature, was praised for the black humor in his novels.
A true story, one redolent with black humor that, while certainly extreme, may offer a perceptive commentary on marriage in our times, even though "going along to get along" was far more typical in years past.
His irreverent, often black humor, which bared a variety of human foibles, built upon a tradition of kinetic wit begun by Charles Weidman, and continued in the work of Katherine Litz, Paul Taylor, and Jamie Cunningham.
We are right there among the cadavers as students learn anatomy and hone the black humor that shields against their revulsion over slicing body parts.
Schleiner offers the counter-examples of Campanella and Luther, both of whom support his claim that "the early humanist enthusiasm for the black humor gives way in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries to the introduction of subdistinctions that cast doubt on the high estimation of melancholy" (32).
Further into her narrative, the danger of the work became a source for black humor instead of terror.
this could be a pivotal week for the R word, even if it is still being tossed about as black humor, not stark reality.
Raymond Carver's short fiction in the history of black humor.