black hole

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a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star

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Like a body cut from the gallows the Chinaman plumped into the black hole below, carrying his tail in his teeth.
There are four of us, with our names painted on a door-post in right of one black hole called a set of chambers,' said Eugene; 'and each of us has the fourth of a clerk--Cassim Baba, in the robber's cave--and Cassim is the only respectable member of the party.
The inner circle train from the City rushed impetuously out of a black hole and pulled up with a discordant, grinding racket in the smirched twilight of a West-End station.
You just see two big black holes, as in a dead man's skull.
But rather than earn my living as same girls do--toiling with a needle, in little black holes, out of the world--I would throw myself into the Seine.
With a burst of rocket fire, the ship barely escapes from the powerful pull of the black hole.
A study result shows that the mass of a supermassive black hole is approximately proportional to that of the central part of the galaxy (galactic bulge).
The black hole lists are managed by a loose confederation of anti-spam zealots, dedicated "public servants" and marketers attempting to sell a service.
In 1994 Burns began publishing Black Hole, his twelve-issue semi-autobiographical take on "the horror of dealing with adolescence" in '70s Seattle.
Any spaceship passing too close to a black hole would be doomed.
Singularities are believed to lurk at the hearts of black holes, which conceal their existence from the outer world.
0, may have a behemoth black hole at its belly, gorging itself on gas.
7 billion light-years away in a quasar, the ferociously bright core of a galaxy lit up by superheated gas spiraling into a supermassive black hole.
The X-ray was pulled in by the black hole and some lights was never seen again.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The findings of a new research indicated that the black holes are much more capable of swallowing the massive amount of dust and gas being fed into them than previously thought.
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