black grouse

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The Famous Grouse and The Black Grouse are available at fine spirits and liquor retailers nationwide for SRP of $24.
Black grouse were once common in most of southern England, from Dartmoor to Norfolk, but are now found only in four upland areas in Northumberland, County Durham, Cumbria and North Yorkshire.
Annual counts of "lekking" males is used to build up a picture of the health status of black grouse populations.
I would spend days on end wandering about the Berwyn moors, looking at Merlin and Black Grouse.
RARE black grouse have had a record-breaking breeding season thanks to the warm, dry conditions in June, experts said.
RARE black grouse found in areas including Northumberland have had a record-breaking breeding season thanks to the warm, dry conditions in June, experts have said.
BLACK Grouse are currently displaying at a handful of sites across the region.
WE HAVE teamed up with The Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky to celebrate the best independent films which share its own distinctive character.
Even the biggest whisky brands, such as Glenfiddich, The Famous Grouse and Diageo's own Bell's, invested less than Baileys between them, despite The Famous Grouse spending more than half a million on promoting its new The Black Grouse brand.
The pair hitched a two-seated steel chariot built to ferry the Otter Trust's elderly founder on to the moors to a quad bike, and drove to the reserve, which is a heather moorland supporting endangered black grouse leks.
It said the black grouse may become extinct within 20 years, the greater horsehoe bat would migrate north and the song thrush and common scoter suffer.
Other birds on the list include the black grouse, corn bunting, twite, corncrake, chough and ouzel.
The blanket bog and lower moorland slopes provide homes to important populations of rare birds, such as hen harrier, peregrine falcon, merlin, golden plover, black grouse and skylark.