black economy

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a hidden sector of the economy where private cash transactions go unreported

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The Bill delivers on the 2017-18 Budget decision responding to recommendations in the Black Economy Taskforce's Interim Report.
People who attempt to run a business or work in the black economy should take notice, we can and will track you down.
That leaves seven to work in the black economy - running up ladders, replacing tiles, resurfacing drives, all the money-spinners that they told doctors and benefit officers they were too debilitated to even consider as official occupations.
Pakistan is one of a very few countries where government actually facilitates black economy through laws, which has brought the country's tax to GDP ratio lowest in the world," said Siddiqui.
China's government fought this and the result was a black economy and trade carried on by smugglers, a situation not helped by the arrogant Lord Napier, HM Superintendent of British Trade.
The latest research of the Center for Economic Analysis showed that the black economy in the trade sector covers five percent of the annual GDP which means that around 20 billion denars are spent for services in this sector per year without this amount being officially registered with issued fiscal bills or invoices.
Economic analysts say that the reduction of the number of asylum seekers is due to the fear of announcements on the withdrawal of the visa liberalization and involvement of citizens in black economy.
According to the survey on black economy carried out by Statistics Lithuania in 2002 a considerable share of total 104 thousand hidden employees worked in construction and manufacturing industry (23% in each), agricultural, hunting and forestry companies (20% in each).
Black economy is variously referred to as unaccounted economy, illegal economy, subterranean economy or unsanctioned economy.
Bulgaria's Economy Minister Traicho Traikov said on public television that for his country, it was "better to have a black economy than none".
ISTANBUL, May 12, 2010 (TUR) -- Visa Europe's Regional Director General Berna Ulman said Tuesday payments with credit cards were low in a country with high level of black economy.
Aleksandar Dimkovski comments for Nova Makedonija that something is wrong with the mitigation of the punitive policy because when fees were increased and reduced, the explanation was the same--to improve the business climate and reduce the black economy.
Those involved in this black economy may be selling fake DVDs or CDs to your children today, but tomorrow it could be drugs "They will stop at nothing to make a profit.
He argues that in 2001 Indonesian state power was not 'as weak as the term "weak state" suggests' on the grounds that 'Power and money was there in plenty, but it circulated through informal channels', such as through the establishment of a thriving black economy and an illegal logging industry in Central Kalimantan (p.