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an ice-cream soda made with ice cream floating in root beer

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I remembered speaking with my mother some years back when she described how her father had Welsh Black cows tied up in the shippons which he milked.
A South Korean research team announced in mid-June that it has successfully cloned a black cow that died three years ago by employing a new technology that uses ultra-rapid freezing and thawing of eggs, according to the Xinhua News Agency.
He stores the head in the back seat and gets in the front to eat the lunch I've brought him, hamburgers with the works, waffle fries, and black cow shake from a competitor's place.
He also sprinkles his text with "cowboyisms" such as "as sure as water runs down hill," "darker than the inside of a black cow," and "hotter than the hub of a dry wagon wheel.
On Monday, she had asked her supporters to catch hold of a black cow so that she could feed it roti .
Dottie, a mostly black cow who has always placed in the top 10 in her six years at the Royal, has produced more than 50,000 kilos of milk in her nine-year lifetime.
The opening image is one of spiritual, as well as physical death, highlighted by the act of stretching the hide, which suggests mistreatment and physical harm: "The hide of the black cow is stretched, / stretched but not set to dry, / stretched in the sevenfold shadow.
Give us a playlist of your favourite five songs (and artists) Dear Mr Fantasy (Steve Winwood), Hey Joe (Johnny Hallyday), Summer Breeze (Isley Brothers), My Generation (The Who) and Black Cow (Steely Dan).
Look at this black cow, you can see its hip bones," Seeligson said as the cattle crowded around his pick-up truck looking for their feed.
More than 425 fine artists, craftsmen, food vendors and musicians were lined up in booths along Honolulu Avenue, in front of a quirky collection of permanent stores ranging from the Black Cow Cafe to the Bath & Biscuit pet grooming salon and ``barkery.
Based on the head-butt happy antics of a real cow in the illustrator's herd, Nosy Noodles: The Curious Cow is the story of a black cow with white legs who is too nosy for her own good
We have a JOHN O'GROATS and a LANDS END, as well as mountains called BLACK COW and BROWN COW, and streams with the names CHATTERBOX, FIDGET, LITTLE MISERY, PASSION and RAVING TORRENT.
Well before dark, after a two-mile scramble to the site, Nobel was installed 30 yards above the stinking black cow carcass, alive with maggots and owning all the allure of a Porta Potty on a hot public beach on the fifth of July.
Beginning to study ethnography, she says, "The Social Register crowd at Barnard soon took me up, and I became Barnard's sacred black cow.