black cherry tree

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large North American wild cherry with round black sour edible fruit

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The pulpit, pews and the ceiling from floor to roof and the window sash and window folding blinds were all constructed from one black cherry tree that stood on the site of the church building.
Davis said, this year's yield from ash trees, black cherry trees and maples provided culinary choices for mice.
Black cherry trees are native to the United States, but they now also thrive in Europe, where they are considered an invasive species.
Additional research indicates that the density and distribution of black cherry trees is significantly greater in European forests than in U.
The marsh is also home to several freshwater ponds, as well as staghorn sumac and black cherry trees, providing and important source of food for a wide variety of birds and mammals.
Now, Dr Dee Cross, a professor of animal science at Clemson University, and graduate student Sam Gray have found a low correlation between the syndrome and the presence of black cherry trees.
Equine researchers at the University of Kentucky suspect that wild black cherry trees (Prunus serotina) played a role in the deaths of hundreds of Kentucky foals this spring.