black buffalo

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fish of the lower Mississippi

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During this time, when Army formation insignia were worn on the uniform, the insignia of Northern Territory Command was a black buffalo head, within a yellow circle on a green square.
Grip frames are Bisley-style, rounded and fitted with black buffalo horn or laminated grips, while sights are standard Ruger or gold bead front and express V rear sights.
Piney walls and red and black Buffalo Plaid warm up the interior like a cozy campfire.
Army's black buffalo soldiers helped capture Billy the Kid.
Fitted x Burton cases are available in True Black Buffalo Print, Lumber Print, and Toile Print for a MSRP of $39.
He was in love with Black Buffalo, who had ignored his youthful advances and married a more senior warrior, No Water.
The holders come in a variety of colors, including Black Goat, Black Buffalo, Natural Leather, Blue Goat, Red Goat, Honey Goat, Black Alligator, Blue Alligator, Brown Alligator, Green Alligator, Orange Alligator, and Red Alligator.