black buffalo

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fish of the lower Mississippi

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Reeder finishes off The 45 Backpacker with a bead blast finish and black buffalo horn stocks.
During this time, when Army formation insignia were worn on the uniform, the insignia of Northern Territory Command was a black buffalo head, within a yellow circle on a green square.
They moved slowly up the Misssouri River into today's North Dakota, which they reached at the beginning of November after a tense, though bloodless, encounter with a Sioux chief called Black Buffalo and his band.
Grip frames are Bisley-style, rounded and fitted with black buffalo horn or laminated grips, while sights are standard Ruger or gold bead front and express V rear sights.
Piney walls and red and black Buffalo Plaid warm up the interior like a cozy campfire.
Army's black buffalo soldiers helped capture Billy the Kid.
Fitted x Burton cases are available in True Black Buffalo Print, Lumber Print, and Toile Print for a MSRP of $39.
He was in love with Black Buffalo, who had ignored his youthful advances and married a more senior warrior, No Water.
The holders come in a variety of colors, including Black Goat, Black Buffalo, Natural Leather, Blue Goat, Red Goat, Honey Goat, Black Alligator, Blue Alligator, Brown Alligator, Green Alligator, Orange Alligator, and Red Alligator.
That large and fantastic collection of papers of an early 20th century black Buffalo self-help group had been stored in cardboard boxes in a garage for years because the owner didn't want to discard them.