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common Indian antelope with a dark back and spiral horns

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The Black Buck missions were a triumph for our courageous and skilful airmen and also for the supreme organisation of the RAF.
Falklands heroes flew 6760 miles into unknown OPERATION Black Buck was far from a total success.
The first day, I saw a beautiful black buck and thought hard about taking a shot before deciding it would be
The actor famous for his notorious past was sentenced to five years imprisonment in a black buck killing case, however was released on bail within a week.
It was flown by Flt Lt Martin Withers DFC who led the first raid on the runway at Port Stanley, a mission known as Black Buck 1.
The service will end with a flypast of the UK's last airworthy Vulcan, piloted by Flight Lieutenant Martin Withers DFC who led the famous Black Buck 1 air raid on Port Stanley's runway.
Flight Lieutenant Martin Withers DFC, who led the famous Black Buck 1 raid on Port Stanley's runway, will pilot the Vulcan, called the Spirit of Great Britain, on the 30th anniversary of the Task Force Landings on the Falkland islands.
The navigator took part in three of six Black Buck missions aboard the Vulcan aircraft, and attacked the radar sites on the Falkland Islands.
Amongst the captive wildlife species in the province, he said, are Utrial, Hog deer, blue bull, chinkara and black buck etc.
Black Buck, also known as kala hiran is an antelope specie found in sub continent and its status is considered as near threatened.
A pair of Rothschilds giraffes make contact JP070408-Park-62; Bob Lawrence ready to subdue a Barbary sheep with a dart gun JP070408-Park-54; African elephant Latabe gets a treat JP070408-Park-45; Feeding Bronze, a South African fur seal JP070408-Park-34; Bactrian camel mum Jess announces the arrival of her month-old Calf StOrm JP070408-Park-11; African elephants Latabe and Five take a walk in the park JP070408-Park-44; A huddle of hippos jpo7O4O8-Park-63; Black buck calf Bongo waits for his feed jpo7O4os-Park-49
I have hunted Barbary sheep (aoudads), Sika and Axis deer, black buck antelope, javelina and wild boar.
He was flight lieutenant for Black Buck 1, the first of seven Vulcan bomber missions which effectively marked the beginning of the conflict.
You can touch a giraffe, get up close and personal with buffalo, and see many other lesser-known animals -- like Yakatusi, Nilgai, Rhea, Black Buck Antelope, Watusi, and North American Elk.
Perhaps most disturbingly, the practice of lynching was intertwined with the mythology of the sex-craved black buck, the equally mythological virginal white woman, and the fear of the cataclysm that would ensue should the two so much as exchange eye contact.