black bread

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bread made of coarse rye flour


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The pale yellow cheese, tangy and thinly sliced, went particularly well with the chewy black bread.
It's time to slice black bread, to strew salt lavishly.
Leib Resto & Aed literally translates to Black Bread Restaurant & Garden.
To this board we add cress, quince jelly, sliced apricots and strawberries with whole rye grain crackers and black bread to accompany.
Cut the black bread into circles with a ring mold, shape the tartare on the bread and serve the dish with fresh herbs.
For starters, there was black bread, literally, achieved with powdered black bamboo charcoal.
It is true I ate my black bread (French idiom for going through a poor period) but I learned and I've had the time to adapt.
There are more than 50 varieties of breads (made without preservatives) available here but black bread is quite popular.
When he was initially captured, he wouldn't eat the black bread with sawdust mixed in to fill a person's stomach.
To serve: Cut six 1/2-inch-thick slices black bread and grill on both sides until toasted.
On this occasion, three films will be featured: Frozen Silence (Silencio en la Nieve) on Monday, June 10, Black Bread (Pan Negro) on June 11 and Mataharis on June 12.
During this time they were on starvation rations, managing to swap limes with the Americans for Spam and being supported by the starving locals, who shared their black bread.
Placed among the drawings was a 140-gram (five-ounce) hunk of black bread -- the daily ration in the ghetto.
She's quite aware this earth may be bitter:/it crumbles through her fingers like black bread.
Ukrproduct has been the exclusive distributor of "Arsenievsky" branded kvass, a traditional fermented beverage made from rye, black bread or barley, since September 2010.