black bread

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bread made of coarse rye flour


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Bede later complained that he had only a chunk of black bread to eat and that he had to keep clear of lice with a bar of ersatz soap stamped ``KA SEIFE" - prisoner soap.
Free Lance-Star in March raved about Andina's chicken salad sandwich on black bread.
Of surviving on a diet of two ounces of coarse black bread and a bowl of "potato soup" - the dregs from a vat in which potatoes had been cooked for the German guards.
Tousle-haired, applecheeked, sunny natured, more than content to grow up in a mountain but on a three-times-a-day diet of chunks of cheese, cold meat, black bread and bowls of goats milk with only a grumphy grandfather and a young goatherd for company, Heidi, the eternal earth child of the alpine meadows has entranced endless generations of children every where and set then dreaming of a magic mountain place far removed from cut grime and urban congestion.
Now, at life's end, he longingly recalls things German, black bread and sauerkraut, the peat smell of the Luneburg Heath, blond preachers' daughters.
Serve with 1 cup sour cream and 1 pound thin-sliced black bread.
Black bread, light (wheat) bread with sunflower seeds, baguettes, croissants and oatmeal.
While the other boys at school were having beans on toast for tea I was having soup with black bread and gherkins," he said.
He stressed that the staff of the bakery should have removed the black bread before the packet was passed to the customer.
We were given black bread between four of us once a day and watered-down lentil soup.
RIGA -- Riga's Central Market, crowded daily with local shoppers picking up their black bread, cabbage and chicken wings, and with tourists experiencing the bustling activity, is running rife with criminal groups, claims Riga vice-Mayor Ainars Slesers (Latvia's First Party/Latvia's Way), reports news agency LETA.
The following morning after some acorn coffee and black bread I was interrogated for some while by a middle-aged grey haired officer.
Here, they were introduced to the thin soup and sour black bread that would be the staples of their diet during the long years of captivity.