black body

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a hypothetical object capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation falling on it

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A key differentiator centres on how LuxiTune delivers exceptional CCT tuning along the black body curve without the hue changes presented by competing tuning solutions.
As Douglas has thoroughly investigated and revealed in her earlier works, the black body is seen as a threat to "cherished white property" because of its alleged hypersexuality and violent disposition.
TWO hundred black body bags were lined up on Brighton beach by campaigners highlighting Britain's "shameful" response to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.
One of the men wore a black body warmer over a black hooded top and black trousers.
50, Limited Black body, [euro]49, Autograph Black with purple frill bra, [euro]25, and knickers, [euro]12.
The reality TV queen, 34, displays her ample cleavage in a Givenchy suit with a daring black body.
Local rescue workers piled 21 black body bags by the side of the road in Hrabove early today.
In my book Black Bodies, White Gazes, (2) I point to the middle passage as the crucible in terms of which black identity is marked and the black body is ontologically truncated and returned to itself as distorted and monstrous, thus locating the black body within a context of anti-black racism.
The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star was going commando beneath her black body con dress, which featured super-sexy slashes all down the sides, the Daily Star reported.
That's in addition to a sports-styled exterior which includes piano black body trim, black door mirror covers, a black radiator grille top, smoked headlamps and black 17-inch lightweight alloy wheels.
Africa has to reclaim the black body with all its blackness as the starting point in our plunge into and negotiations with the world.
Embodying Black Experience: Stillness, Critical Memory, and the Black Body.
He was wearing a black ski mask, white top under a black body warmer with a white motif on the left breast, dark blue tracksuit trousers with a white motif on the thigh.
Remember the black body bags, remains of a stroller, a notebook, Nazi numbers tattoed on burned arms, bits of jewelry, military berets, officers' insignia.
com Two slice toaster with smooth brushed stainless steel and black body.