black birch

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common birch of the eastern United States having spicy brown bark yielding a volatile oil and hard dark wood used for furniture

birch of swamps and river bottoms throughout the eastern United States having reddish-brown bark

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Like those black birch buds, Platt seemed to have his own restless energy.
But New Zealand officials declared Black Birch to be within their nuclear-free law.
The twig of the black birch, which tastes like spearmint is used in muscles to relieve pain.
20 December 2010 - Northern Securities Inc has acted as agent for the initial public offering of Canadian capital-pool company Black Birch Capital Acquisition II Corp for gross proceeds of USD536,500 (EUR407,000).
Congruence among light, soil water, organic matter, and mineralization rate was significantly greater on sample points occupied by black birch (C = 0.
Data for black birch were normally distributed with equal variance among transects.
The reception desks and conference tables of black birch and steel were designed by Arets' firm, but in a manner subsidiary to the space they inhabit.
North American river or black birch, shaggy looking with crackly dark brown bark, thrives in wet areas.
Hawthorne: A credenza, sideboard or console, this stunning piece featuring Black Birch veneer and stainless steel designer hardware instantly converts into a state of the art laptop station.
July 19 -- JAM Fund Grand Fondo, Black Birch Vineyard, 155 Glendale Road, Southampton.
I looked under the black birch (about 6-inch diameter), and there was a nest with one tan egg.
July 19-- JAM Fund Grand Fondo, Black Birch Vineyard, 155 Glendale Road, Southampton.
The slag now sports red maple and black birch, as well as sumac, Joe Pye weed, and blackberry.
On the edge of the woods, he passed around a twig of black birch and had the group do a "scratch and sniff'' to smell the tree's oil of wintergreen.
The paper birches and pin cherries, normally among the first to grow after an area has been cleared, developed soon after the plot was pulled down, but quickly died off, defeated in part by shade provided by the many large downed trees and by the rapid growth of black birch.