black bamboo

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small bamboo having thin green culms turning shining black

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Black bamboo basket, pounds 29, BoConcept Sophia Loren side chair,pounds 182, www.
Expert tip: The young stems of black bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, start green and gradually turn black in the sun.
Phyllostachys nigra, black bamboo, which reaches a height of 5m (16ft), is a brilliant clump-forming type - with arching canes which turn black after a couple of years - and looks wonderful in a modern, minimalist setting.
A rectilinear sushi bar, encased in black bamboo and embedded terrazzo, contrasts with the curving fluidity of abaca panels and their translucent forms, while a white bamboo proscenium forms a theatrical backdrop for the sushi chefs at work.
Annieglass' introductions will include its Black Bamboo glass trays, inspired by its Slab pattern.
We've got some different euphorbias and some interesting black bamboo which can be very expensive to buy in a garden centre.
Dan has a 30ft hedge of black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) and a big clump of Phyllostachys viridiglaucescens, an extremely hardy bamboo with straight green culms and lush foliage, which he uses to hide some unsightly garages next door.
If you want something taller and have plenty of room, black bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, may fit the bill.
We came up with the idea of exotic Japanese black bamboo.
The building will feature an extraordinary lobby, finished with Jerusalem limestone and ribbon-striped Sapele Mahogany walls, Flammet stone floors, and a glass and stainless steel bridge crossing a private terraced courtyard accented with a wall of black bamboo.
Bamboo: Use less invasive types like black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) , to oversee dramatic foliage shapes,or the gold P.
Other evergreen grasses that make a splash of interest and colour in the autumn and winter include Bowles' golden sedge (carex elata 'Aurea'), the black bamboo (phyllostachys nigra), and blue oat grass (helictotrichon sempervirens).
A clump of black bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, takes up little room and looks great.
Don't miss the "bird's nest" spruce and black bamboo.
com is a trade name of Black Bamboo Publishing LLC, a Virginia based company created in 2003.