black ash

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vigorous spreading North American tree having dark brown heavy wood

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The image captures the fear as she runs from the cloud of black ash.
Black ash fall filled across the Strait of Messina from Sicily to the mainland, covering the streets and vehicles.
What at first sight appear to be tarmac car parks are actually fields of black ash, under which potatoes and other vegetables are growing.
In regards to colors you have the opportunity to choose from a versatile range like rosewood, black ash, mahogany, light oak and white", revealed one of the senior officials from Plastic Building Supplies.
Along the trail you will find the rare black ash, its wood used to make baskets; the Yellow birch flowers, which is used to make tea; Wild Sarsaparilla with the root used to make tea for an all-purpose medicine; Sweetfern, with the leaves and twigs used to make tea and poultices for the treatment of poison ivy rash and other external sores.
In 2010, an explosion at the Pacaya volcano a similar distance from Guatemala City coated the capital in a thick layer of black ash and rock, forcing hundreds of families to evacuate.
House wives who clean their homes, normally face the problem of black ash in the milling season.
The model features 20 inch light-alloy wheels, newly designed two tone leather seats, black ash wood trim, black grill, tinted headlamps and redesigned front bumpers with LED daytime running lamps, park assist, AIRMATIC air suspension, Direct Steer system and Adaptive Damping System or ADS.
Customers can choose between three exclusive wood types: high-gloss brown burr walnut, high-gloss black ash and satin-finish light-brown poplar.
1, the average grain size of white ash is seen to be smaller than black ash because it had more small silica content.
After three months of relatively small eruptions, the Krkatau (aka Krakatoa) volcano turned deadly on August 26, 1883, when it began spewing a column of black ash 17 miles into the sky and shooting pumice rocks ontO the decks of ships as far as 25 miles away.
Handle choices include black ash or rosewood, both checkered for a sure grip and embossed with the Bond Arms logo.
An Indonesian volcano has erupted yet again, sending black ash half a kilometre into the air - its most powerful eruption since coming back to life after four centuries of dormancy.
Ever since that Iceland volcano with the unpronounceable name began spewing black ash across Europe, people have been recalling notable volcanic eruptions.
Even from the hotel, we could see black ash on the glacier and at sunset we could see smoke from the volcano.