black Angus

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black hornless breed from Scotland

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Black Angus cattle have higher quality marbling, which is the leading indicator of flavor, tenderness and juiciness-the key factors in a premium eating experience.
Licensing Officer Stuart Moore, of Merseyside Police, said: "We believe that the Black Angus played a significant role in relation to the supply of class A drugs in the Stockbridge Village area.
The police chief in TV show Blue Murder - about corruption in the New South Wales force - is called Black Angus and years ago my pal suggested I use the name.
84 locations) has announced that it's the first major chain to commit to serving exclusively all-natural Black Angus beef.
Leading the way was Newhouse Black Angus, a July 2005 son of Greenhaugh Utwo and out of Newhouse Sue, which had a Limousin beef breeding value of +29.
Creekstone Farms manager Kevin Pentz said he does not anticipate the team finding any problems at Creekstone, which he said slaughters only source-verified, premium Black Angus cattle less than 24 months of age.
Introducing La Cense Beef[R], a natural, grass-fed and grass-finished beef produced from select Black Angus cattle raised on the pastures of the La Cense ranch in Dillon, Montana.
to provide marketing communications services to promote the company's natural and premium lines of Black Angus beef.
Much more than just an observational piece, A Cow's Life provides a history of cattle, the black angus in particular, and explores the controversies and issues involved in cattle farm management.
A COW'S LIFE: The Surprising History of Cattle and How the Black Angus Came to Be Home on the Range
DENVER, CO -- Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC has announced plans to produce natural Black Angus beef.
The stuffed fresh Maine lobster and broiled Black Angus sirloin steak are second to none.
For the last two years, a new herd of 72 Black Angus cattle have been taking part in the study, where half are free to eat grass in the field, with the other half eating corn silage and mineral and protein supplements.
The restaurant shares a parking lot with K-Mart, Harvest Foods and Black Angus Restaurant.