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WHAT on earth is Erdington MP Sion Simon blabbing about, complaining his constituency does not get enough money from the National Lottery compared to other constituencies (Mail, October 29)?
Sean is upset because he hoped he was Jamie's secret crush, while Jamie bitterly regrets blabbing and tries to backtrack.
Doesn't it occur to her how toe-curlingly embarrassing it must be for a 10-year-old to have his mum publicly blabbing about how good she is in bed and about the endless stream of men who've been in it.
Six years ago, city leaders started blabbing about the crisis of escalating workers' compensation bills.
Painter In Sex Haverings) Award is hereby awarded to our very own Mr Vettriano, who has been blabbing about how he's slept with every model he's ever worked with, bar one.
But the rest of the trendy gang are going to be narked off with Davinia Taylor for blabbing on about them in Style magazine.
Just when things between him and Abby appear to be hotting up quicker than a fevered patient's thermometer, he has to go blabbing about her drink problem and ruining the best piece of ward-romance action since a certain Mr Clooney prowled the ER.
So instead of blabbing in public about the intimacies of their private life, she might be better advised to undertake some quiet contemplation of what the old boy might be saving himself for.
Here, someone is always blabbing about the mythology, giving the movie the feel of a computer-generated civics lesson.
Ashton Kutcher has been blabbing about his experiences of parenthood with wife Demi Moore's daughters.
This comes just after he made his 27-year-old model daughter Kimberly cringe by blabbing about her liver troubles, saying they were brought on by boozing.
Blabbing to the gang about the mushy text messages he sends you, how he goes out of his way to walk you to soccer practice and the funny little IM exchange you two had last night.
But he's ruined that by blabbing in a magazine article: "It started out as house visits for people like the Corrs who don't want to be seen.