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Rankled by the repeated out- of- turn talk, All India Congress Committee ( AICC) general secretary and the party's media department chairperson Janardan Dwivedi issued a gag order to the blabbermouths on Tuesday.
Now that the selfseeking Straw has mentioned asking women to unveil at his constituency surgeries, our nation's blabbermouths have become instant experts on why 21st Century women adopt a style of dress that renders them anonymous.
us follows both legislation and legislators, identifying the most frequent no-shows, the biggest blabbermouths, and those most likely to sponsor doomed bills.
They have to go into the FBI WitnessProtection Programme but unfortunately, not even the FBI can save them from their own blabbermouths.
It's a ready-made victim for the blabbermouths on ``Mystery Science Theater 3000.