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The couple's chauffeur, recently "let go" after a dispute over his wages, has blabbed to the papers.
I talked about one friend with another and, behind my back, she blabbed.
She's already blabbed about the market closure and tonight she tells Ian that Denise kissed someone else at their engagement party.
SO THRILLED was bird-brained Lady Shelley Sawers by her husband's promotion to head of MI6 that she blabbed all on Facebook, including Sir John's home address, family photos and child details.
Because unlike lots of other celebrities she hasn't blabbed about it, she hasn't done any "My Living Hell" stories for vast amounts of money, she hasn't made any emotional TV appearances in order to gain sympathy from an adoring public.
Seeking clearance to read secret papers as Tory Chancellor Norman Lamont's special adviser, he blabbed everything.
But the next day Ant blabbed to BB pal Craig Coates and other mates.
As we know, this was rather superfluous as his mum blabbed the news the day before to the Daily Post.
But the girls get caught and assume Linda blabbed, so Wendy plots her own version of revenge--and no one can foresee how it will all end.
An insider said: "Frankie blabbed about Justin being back on the booze.