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strikingly out of the ordinary

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Imagery Bizarreness in Children's Recall of Sentences, British Journal of Psychology, 69(3), 315-321.
y otros, "The Dream as a Model for Psychosis: an Experimental Approach Using Bizarreness as a Cognitive Marker", en: Schizophrenia Bulletin, v.
The suddenness of a double forms the bizarreness, the uncanny feeling.
Two-page spreads illustrating the norms of the boy's world--like dancing while eating--follow each proclamation about the bizarreness of our world and customs.
The producer, thrilled with the bizarreness of the encounter, takes the diary, reads it, and adds his own annotations to those of the detective.
The other film which has had to face bizarreness of this order is the Sonam Kapoor- Dhanush- starrer Raanjhanaa ( 2013).
The bizarreness is further visible in the way the ruling party and the military have managed this crisis and in the statements they have made about it.
Adam Johnson's essay "Scavengers'' in Granta captures the inexpressible bizarreness of North Korea.
But it reaches new levels of bizarreness and annoyance in natural history.
It is because of its bizarreness," commented Tamador Alyami, a Saudi writer and blogger.
It usually also lacks the bizarreness that can make the contemporary art world's priciest corners seem like alcoves of the theater of the absurd.
AS WORLD Cup frenzy reaches fever pitch (although not at Chez Collins) my sports colleagues around the globe are limbering up for the bizarreness and banality of the post-match press conference.
Only in the bizarreness of the circus is there a living contrast between terror and innocence.
Half the stadium is unfinished at the moment apparently which will add to the bizarreness of the situation.
There is no room for bizarreness, unless you are knowingly chasing fame on reality television.