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strikingly out of the ordinary

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There is no room for bizarreness, unless you are knowingly chasing fame on reality television.
There's just so much bizarreness that went against his character, or what the family described as his character," said Stowe-Rains, a Benton County ranger and a 20-year veteran of search-and-rescue operations.
As we were waiting to go home the bizarreness of the whole thing set in.
Serenade's exploration of a homoerotic relationship, although crude, is fascinating for the sheer bizarreness of its handling.
These warnings are issued by charismatic, powerful men in hiding, who mirror a modern Arab political culture that remains confounded by both its own bizarreness and its capacity for violence and self-destruction.
The top edge of his paintings sometimes interrupts the heads of his figures, adding to this sense of bizarreness.
Schematic and Bizarreness Effect: The Effect of Visual Stimulation on Recall of Mental Images.
The bizarreness of the subjects, their manic stares, convoluted muscle structure and raging color schemes reflects the confusion most of us feel today.
131) While bizarreness is a hallmark of schizophrenic delusions, determinations of "bizarreness" are subjective and problematic in cross-cultural contexts.
1) The Marcus scandal also certainly lacked the bizarreness that was attributed to Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury, the Colonial Governor of New York from 1702 to 1708, who was reputed to have not only pocketed 1,500 [pounds sterling] allocated for fortifying the Narrows but to have strolled the walls of the Battery wearing a dress.
If I had to choose to listen to anything I quite like Leonard Cohen because of the richness and bizarreness of the lyrics, and from a classical perspective, Chopin piano concertos.
He examines the elements of bizarreness and wish-fulfillment in children's dreams and how they relate to the development of superego functions.
Tempo's luck holds out The graded mares chase looked like being only an interesting race until they came to the secondlast, and it was a measure of the ultimate bizarreness of the event that Blazing Tempo emerged as the worthy winner.
In addition to all this, I had always kept a dossier on Libya, not because of its political importance or its pan-Arab or even pan-African role, but because of the bizarreness of the Colonel and his family.
Marcus as he reflects on 100 occurrences of his life as he faces what we all face in life, the constant changes of life with different challenges and the strange bizarreness of it all.