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Synonyms for biyearly

occurring every second year


Related Words

occurring or payable twice each year

every two years


twice a year


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ICONSAT, conducted biyearly since 2003, is the 5th in the series.
Biyearly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducts nationwide surveys, studying trends in suicidal behaviors of ninth- through 12th-grade students in public high schools.
The "new" yearly or biyearly cause of Lyme disease treatment failures is possibly wrong.
The Turkish-Greek Media Conference has been held since 2000 biyearly.
With a maximum of five credits earned for Annual Meeting sessions, members can earn their EIL certificate on a biyearly basis by attending the maximum five sessions during every annual meeting.
The Food and Drug Administration has approved biyearly dosing of the osteoporosis drug zoledronic acid (Reclast) for the prevention of bone loss in postmenopausal women, making it the first bisphosphonate in its class to get the nod for a 2-year indication.
The accord came on the first day of the biyearly ministerial meeting in Paris of the energy watchdog for developed countries.
Biyearly statewide meetings would also allow the supervisors to process their concerns and receive their own supervision for the sanctioned supervision they have provided.
Nevertheless, the incessant Team England propaganda machine makes its biyearly assault into Wales in the form of St George flags, England toolboxes (B@Q), alcohol (Carlsberg), jingoistic newspapers, even England 5:1 Germany flavoured crisps
In my former job as director of maternal and child health for the Vermont Department of Health, we added six questions about strengths to the biyearly Youth Risk Behavior Survey for 8th through 12th graders, and found similar associations.
Having yearly or biyearly meetings of medical providers, school personnel, youth, and their parents to identify barriers to optimal adherence at school and ways to overcome these barriers is recommended.
CLEAR News is a biyearly publication covering FL teaching techniques, research, and materials.
Bats couted during biyearly counts in hibernation in Wyandotee Cave by Brack and Dunlap.
Thus, continuous evaluation is possible, not a once a year approach as is true of standardized testing or the approximate biyearly testing as is true of many state mandated CRTs.
H37Ra also is distributed to mycobacteriology laboratories as part of a biyearly proficiency testing required by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (9).