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Synonyms for bivouac

temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers

a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent

live in or as if in a tent

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Their vehicles are bivouacked around the bus, which lies on its side; stretchers, aluminum cases, and other bits of first-responder materiel are scattered about.
It is a picturesque reminder that medieval pilgrims usually bivouacked on balconies and in alcoves in the cathedral itself.
For their part, Kondo and Ueno bivouacked at the same height for two nights, waiting to be rescued before moving lower for the pickup.
9 Between May 7-10, 1990, a record 10 people joined together on the peak at the same time and, in May 1994, Mark Whitu and Michael Rheinberger bedded down and bivouacked just 20 metres below the peak.
Down the slope from the rusted footbridge A car passes under, I hear the yelp and howl Of stray dogs, the gravel shifting beneath my boots, The clank of keys buried in the layers Of my heavy clothes, and for a distance The clatter of a 19th century army, Blue or Grey, intermontane and bivouacked -- Low fires curling up from the camp.