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Bivariately, it appears that women, those with children, those who pay for dental care out-of-pocket, and those who avoid fluoride, were all less likely to support CWF; while those with greater incomes and those who visit the dentist more regularly were more likely to support CWF.
For each population, a Spearman rank-order correlation analysis was performed to identify bivariately correlated risk factors for increased NT-proBNP.
In multivariate models (see Table 3), all of the bivariately significant family-level factors remained significantly associated with the purchase of nongroup insurance except the indicator of having eligible adults, children, or both in the household.
15) with at least one endocrine level in unadjusted analysis bivariately as potential confounders with fuel and BTEX exposure variables.
When examining other mental health symptoms, D'Augelli and Hershberger found that fewer symptoms were bivariately associated with greater comfort in being gay, lesbian, or bisexual; higher self-esteem; and more positive feelings about having a life partner.