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Bivariate and multivariate Logistic Regression in Cattle and Buffaloes at Two Cattle/Buffalo Colonies: The bivariate logistic regression analysis in cattle and buffaloes revealed that herd showed significant association with the occurrence of Paratuberculosis.
In addition, the bivariate models lend themselves to graphical analysis, where the corresponding decision regions can easily be represented in the two-dimensional covariate space.
Fertility, ever-married women, demographic & socio-economic factors, bivariate & multivariate analysis, Poisson regression.
Due to calculation problems while fitting these models, researchers were not able to use zero-inflated bivariate count model for a long time [18].
Romani [8] proposed families of univariate and bivariate subdivision schemes by using RS-algorithm in which the refining operator is based on a perturbation of Chaikin's corner cutting subdivision scheme [17] and the smoothing operator takes the average of two adjacent vertices as in Lane-Riesenfeld algorithm.
Volpi and Fiori [25] proposed a general, structure-based return period for the design and risk assessment of hydrological structures in a bivariate environment.
The approach requires marginal distributions, which financial analysts should know with some certainty, and bivariate copulas, which have well-understood statistical properties.
The expression for the asymptotic left tail dependence of a bivariate symmetric t distribution is given by,
Estimation results of the bivariate EGARCH models offer evidence that the shock transmission between the two series is mainly asymmetric, that is, positive and negative shocks impart varying degrees of volatility on the series under study.
The objective of this experiment was to fit a bivariate skew-normal model to compositional data after the ALR transformation.
In this paper, we reformulate the traditional sweep surface by extending the rational B-spline motion M(v) to a bivariate motion M (u, v), while simplifying the cross-sectional curve C(u) or surface [C.
Other contributions explore univalent subordination chains in reflexive complex Banach spaces, bivariate polynomial interpolation at the Geronimus nodes, boundary value problems for the Beltrami equations, and bisection of geodesic segments in hyperbolic geometry.
The authors used bivariate and multivariable analysis to assess the relationship between spin and many factors, including the journal type, funding source, sample size, type of treatment (drug or other), and others.
Bivariate and multivariable logistic regression analyses were used to examine whether taking age and/or life expectancy into account and barriers to discontinuing were associated with clinician characteristics and practice styles.
Bivariate Analysis was done of those maternal parameters that came out to be significant in ROC curve analysis.