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Children's bivariate analysis of Taste of Asia data
Participants with missing data on dependent outcomes at 6 weeks (n = 112) were excluded from the bivariate and multivariate analyses.
In a multivariate analysis that controlled for other social and demographic covariates, the relationships between women's autonomy and men's involvement in maternal health care were generally similar to those in the bivariate analysis.
In the case of the decision to volunteer and or to participate in sport it is straightforward to justify the use of single equation probit and bivariate probit models.
Bivariate and multivariable logistic regression analyses were used to examine whether taking age and/or life expectancy into account and barriers to discontinuing were associated with clinician characteristics and practice styles.
Twelve factors were found to be significant in the bivariate analyses; however, only four retained significance in the multivariate analysis.
Social Science Research Design and Statistics integrates social science research methods and the descriptions of 46 univariate, bivariate, and multivariate tests to include a description of the purpose, assumptions, example research question and hypothesis, SPSS procedure, and interpretation of SPSS output for each test.
For controls, (x,y) were generated as bivariate normal with means (0,0), SDs (1,1) and correlation [rho] = 0.
The authors administered a cross-sectional, door-to-door questionnaire in two affected villages, collected blood from children 2-59 months of age, obtained soil samples from 199 family compounds, and performed descriptive and bivariate analyses using survey, blood lead, and environmental data.
To do this, we use the recent bootstrap panel causality test developed by Konya (2006), which is based on the following bivariate (here composed of unemployment, U and one labour market indicator, LAB) or trivariate (here U, LAB and one financial indicator FIN) finite-order VAR models, with the variables taken in level:
The study employs bivariate probit models to account for omitted variables correlated with access and type of insurance, and controls for differences in health status, attitudes, and socioeconomic characteristics.
The relation between race performance in completed kilometers as the dependent variable and selected variables of previous experience, training, and anthropometry as the independent variable was analyzed using bivariate Pearson correlation analysis.
Associations that were significant at the bivariate level were included in a multivariate logistic regression model.
Attribute and the associated uncertainty information may be regarded as two variables such that they may be combined to form a bivariate map (e.
A potential solution to this problem is to estimate a bivariate probit model in which equations for the probability of high school graduation and the probability of having a home computer are simultaneously estimated.