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Bivalent chromosome pairing was observed for all meiotic preparations of pollen mother cells used for chromosome counts.
baudini TABLE 1 Averaged length of the bivalent chromosomes from the haploid karyotype at prophase II of S.
In the studied accessions from Pterocaulon polystachyum (Table 1), the following were observed: 9 bivalent chromosomes (II) in diakinesis and metaphase 1 (Figure 1e, 1f), and normal chromosomal segregation in anaphase and telophase I and II (9-9), even though some irregularities occurred, like a telophasic bridge (Figure 1g) and a retarding chromosome in one cell.
In Solidago microglossa, 9 bivalent chromosomes (II), in diakinesis and/or metaphase I (Figure 1h), were observed in the majority of the cells.
The accessions from Solidago microglossa indicated 9 bivalent chromosomes (II) in regular meiosis (Table 1).