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Synonyms for bivalent

having a valence of two or having two valences

used of homologous chromosomes associated in pairs in synapsis

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In this sense, their vision fits the model of bivalency described by Fraser (1997) in that they desire that both the redistribution of resources and recognition of cultural differences be included in any settlement package.
Class politics or cultural politics should not be alternatives, and, as Fraser argues, should have a bivalency which integrates "the social and the cultural, the economic and the discursive.
We arrive at a contradiction after a series of lemmas involving bivalency arguments [Fischer et al.
Without the original publishing context, students miss this important clue to the bivalency of the tale.
It is the potential bivalency in the operation of whiteness' great potency that underlies the sometimes ambiguous and often paradoxical relations between human man-beings and white entities.