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Synonyms for bivalent

having a valence of two or having two valences

used of homologous chromosomes associated in pairs in synapsis

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In fact, traditional probability built on bivalence appears as a special case in this theory.
The sui generis bivalence, "decided" and "undecided," is also revealed, all the principles being apt to be rephrased in the context of this value spectrum.
However, the assertion of mutual inhibition and, thus, the rarity of bivalence, are empirically contestable.
Threads of many-valued logic have troubled thinkers since before Aristotle embraced bivalence, (12) even if their thoughts found more receptive soil in the East than in the West.
Ademollo addresses a tension in De interpretatione, namely: 'how is Aristotle's statement of bivalence in chapter 4 to be reconciled with his denial of (unrestricted) bivalence in chapter 9', in which the problem of future contingents is famously discussed.
The full list is, for the Realism Matrix, Ri Independence, R2 Correspondence, R3 Uniqueness, R4 Bivalence, R5 Passive Knower, R6 Realism of the Subject; while for the Anti-Realism Matrix, Ai Mind-Dependence, A2 Rejection of Correspondence Truth, A3 Ontological Pluralism, A4 Rejection of Bivalence, A5 Active Knower, A6 Plural Subject.
The results reported here may a lso reflect possible a m bivalence a bout the role of the PN on the part of GPs, suggesting there is a need for further education of GPs and patients about this role.
226) notes, Burge's justification for his choice presupposes bivalence, and the same applies to Sainsbury's.
Or la litterature comme tauromachie se trouvait etre l'arene d'une opposition entre J'engagement et l'art poetique, et ce qui persiste dans l'ecriture autobiographique d'un bout a l'autre de cet intervalle de cinquante ans qui separe la redaction de L'age d'homme et De la litterature consideree comme une tauromachie de celle du Ruban au cou d'Olympia, c'est la bivalence, l'oppositon in'herente a l'element un mais biface, le superflu artistique qui est aussi piece a conviction.
In terms of logic, the law of bivalence is denied: "In a fictional world it will normally be the case for each character and some relevantly applicable predicate 'F' that neither 'Fa' nor ~ 'Fa' is true" (Heintz 91).
In ordinary circumstances, that is, we can apply what logicians call the principle of bivalence to objects and actions.
Viewing phenomenologically, Margolis holds, "All that world toe needed would be to abandon the standard conviction that bivalence can not be coherently breached and that reality must possess determinate unchanging structures.
But, what is much more important is that bivalence is a major obstacle to the solution of such basic AI problems as commonsense reasoning and knowledge representation (McCarthy 1990, Davis 1990, Sowa 1991, 1999, Yager 1991, Sun 1994, Dubois and Prade 1996), nonstereotypical summarization (Mani and Mayberry 1999), unrestricted question answering, (Lehnert 1978), and natural language computation (Biermann and Ballard 1980).
Consider the bivalence of the following: a courageously conservative academic, doomed by reason of his sexual adventurism, asks, before dying, an old novelist friend to write up the story of his life.
About the bivalence of Europa/Selene, see Selden 1994, 50-1; Morales 1997, 1114.