bituminous coal

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rich in tarry hydrocarbons

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Despite being surrounded by abundant anthracite coal, the works was importing bituminous coal up the Swansea Canal to make coke for use in its single blast furnace.
Bowie has a 650-tph heavy-media wash plant, a 115-car unit train loadout, and produces "super-compliance" bituminous coal.
In particular, imports of oil, gas and bituminous coal increased by 16.
31 August 2012 - US steam and metallurgical coal miner The North American Coal Corporation said today it had taken oven Reed Minerals Inc, Reed Hauling Inc, C&H Mining Company Inc and Reed Management LLC, all based in Jasper, Alabama, and engaged in the mining of bituminous coal.
Most bituminous coal is mined in the eastern United States.
According to the results of the research, this paper proposes a method for processing semi-coke by mixing it with bituminous coal in circulating fluidized bed boiler.
State officials believe the tract contains high-quality bituminous coal.
Economy coals will increase by around 10% while bituminous coal will rise by between 4% and 6% and smokeless coal by between 7% and 9%.
China's reserves include 62,200m tons of anthracite and bituminous coal and 52,300m tons of sub-bituminous and lignite coal.
This new agreement helps to further expand and diversify America West's customer base while strengthening and enhancing our standing as an emerging supplier of low sulphur bituminous coal to the global energy markets - a key corporate objective for our company in 2010 and beyond," said Dan Baker, Chief Executive Officer of America West.
SEO:047050) will set up an affiliate in Australia this year to buy a 5% stake in a bituminous coal mine.
For example, part of the mold was filled with a high-volatile bituminous coal, and the balance filled with a low-volatile bituminous coal.
For the research of Al-complexes, the following leaches and residues were used: firstly, the leaches and residues from the bituminous coal from the Czech part of the Upper Silesian Basin (Ostrava-Karvina Mining District, the Dukla mine); further, the leaches and residues from fractions (separates) of this coal.
Through the project, the company aims to raise the heat value of brown coal 50 percent to the same level as high-grade bituminous coal, while making it less combustible, Kobe Steel said.
Patricia Heaton (``Everybody Loves Raymond'') and hubby David Hunt - producer and director, respectively, of the documentary ``The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania'' - hit the exclusive Rosemount Diamond Award private dinner at the sky-high Amangani Resort.