bituminous coal

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rich in tarry hydrocarbons

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For coal from Auminco s Berkh Bituminous Coal Project in northern Mongolia, the non binding MOU was inked.
The present investigation is an experimental study on the samples of oil shale semi-coke, bituminous coal and their blends on TGA apparatus under non-isothermal conditions.
The upgraded coal will also produce about 66 percent fewer ashes than bituminous coal, it said.
A higher average emission factor in the residential and commercial sector can be attributed to the steady consumption of bituminous coal and anthracite (presumably for home heating).
The UMW had somewhat easier times in reaching regional trade agreements in bituminous coal areas (union contracts there, in fact, helped stabilize competitive conditions among the operators).
The use of carbon additives, generally bituminous coal, in an iron foundry's green sand mixture is common practice to reduce adhering sand grains and improve casting surface finish.
A final agreement was reached between the four-member Independent Bituminous Coal Bargaining Alliance and the United Mine Workers for about 7,500 miners in Alabama, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.
In Pacific Rim countries like Japan, however, where high fuel prices are a way of life, CWF based on nearby resources of bituminous coal has become an attractive energy alternative.
Thus, bituminous coal is not considered to be a true filler candidate.
The Coal Mining in China industry is engaged in mining, washing and processing of bituminous coal and anthracite coal (both are types of black coal).
Millner & Associates, liquidate the assets from Piney Creek that burns waste bituminous coal as its primary fuel source.
It has 12 bituminous coal mining complexes in four states and reports proven and probable coal reserves of 4.
The container is used to store bituminous coal product at the Port of Los Angeles.
The report's authors are to recommend a ban on the burning of bituminous coal.
Bituminous Coal and Lignite, Consumption by Coke Plants.