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treat with bitumen


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technological line consists of evaporator, bituminisation extruder, drying equipment in a barrel device for fixation of radioactive waste in a polysiloxane system for the transport of ion exchangers.
For the DRC, this concerns 3 areas located in the east of the country city of Bukavu: rehabilitation and bituminisation of the road linking the Ruzizi II and Ruzizi I bridges via the Major Vangu roundabout up to the junction of the Kamembe road (12,46 km) and rehabilitation of the Ruzizi I bridge, city of Goma: construction of an asphalt road linking the port of Goma to the border with Rwanda named 'Petite barriere' (3,4 km), city of Uvira: improvement of a 6,7-km road by widening and construction of the road surface and the wearing course using asphalt concrete between Uvira and the border with Burundi.