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any of various naturally occurring impure mixtures of hydrocarbons

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Moreover, 56,300 tons of bitumen, 20,759t of petrochemical products, 14,000t of vacuum bottom, 3,000t of sulfur and 280t of Argon were also sold in the petroleum floor of the market on Wednesday.
The Newlead Granadino is a 2009-built double hull bitumen tanker vessel of 5,887 dwt and is one of the five bitumen tanker vessels that were delivered to NewLead's fleet in the fourth quarter of 2014.
Beginning with a thorough grounding in the composition, fluid properties, reaction behaviour and economics of bitumen and heavy oil, Gray then delves into current processing technologies, particularly those used at full commercial scale.
Qatar Fuel (Woqod) has purchased a bitumen tanker "with modern specifications" from China for $6mn, the company said yesterday.
Gulf Petrochem will begin to manufacture 30,000 MT per annum of Bitumen Specialty products that includes Bitumen Emulsions, Micro-surfacing Emulsions, Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen, Polymer Modified Bitumen and various other Cold Mix road construction products.
The acquisition, through a direct purchase, will complement the construction of a high capacity storage terminal for various petroleum products at Pipavav in Gujarat and meet the increasing demand for bitumen specialty products in West and North India.
Gulf Petrochem will begin to manufacture 30,000 MT per annum of bitumen speciality products that includes bitumen emulsions, micro-surfacing emulsions, crumb rubber modified bitumen, polymer modified bitumen and various other cold mix road construction products.
Considering that properties of a binder having identical granulometric composition of asphalt concrete are mainly determined by the features of asphalt concrete performance, we have conducted comparative studies of the properties of stone mastic asphalt using the original bitumen, polymer modified bitumen and bitumen-rubber binder on main characteristics that define their reliable service within a wide range of operating temperatures.
Even though there still are natural bitumen deposits, in Trinidad for example, Europe almost exclusively processes bitumen manufactured industrially in refineries.
The contract for bitumen purchase was signed with the British Aria Petroleum LTD company.
Bitumen of BND 40/60 60/90, 90/130 brand produced at Moscow refinery in compliance with GOST 22245-90 "Viscous oil road bitumen.
SAUDI Bitumen Industries Company (Sabit), one of the largest manufacturers of bitumen and waterproofing products in Saudi Arabia, has achieved success in the GCC region and the wider Middle East.
The properties of bitumen can be altered by adding polymers to it, thus, increasing its application scope.
ASTANA (CyHAN)- Kazakhstan has commissioned a new production plant for road bitumen at the Aktau Plastics Plant (Aktau bitumen plant) constructed by a consortium of KazMunaiGas companies, the company said on Dec.