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a protective coating of asphalt and filter used on structural metals that are exposed to weathering

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Tenders are invited for Repair And Maintenance Of Old Road With Bitumastic Sheet In Township Area At Ntpc-Vindhyachal
Coun Nancy Maxwell says she was horrified to find the scale of the drug use when she was alerted by a community warden about the former Bitumastic plant.
Once the joint is separated, scrape out all the old putty and paint the exposed surfaces with bitumastic paint or rust-killing primer before replacing the putty with a non-setting mastic compound or roof/gutter sealant.
The culvert is a bitumastic coated, asbestos-bonded CMP with 3-inch wide by 1-inch deep corrugations.
Moisture and soil type along with the condition and age of the bitumastic wrapping, (see cover) were three factors noted that affected sound transmission in buried pipelines.
Most rigid pipe prior to 1960 was sealed with mortar, oakum, or a bitumastic material poured around the joint.
Antistatic Bitumastic Flooring Conforming To Indian Standard Specification For Antistatic Bitumastic Flooring (Is:8374 - 1977) And Having Material Specifications And Compositions As Given Below:- Bitumen (90/15 Or 75/15 Grade)-13 To 15% Carbon Black Of The Conductive Grade Like Graphite-5 To 7% Stone Dust (Clean) - 30% Stone Grit (Max.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Bitumastic Road From Main Gate To Bldg No 89 Via Sanskritik Bhavan And Stp Plant Of Atish Sadan Inside Estate Area At Ofdr