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alcoholic liquor flavored with bitter herbs and roots

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The alchemy of house-made bitters may engender great fascination among some bartenders, sending them rooting through tattered recipe books and botanical supply houses, but the limits of the ingredient's applications soon become clear.
The result is a 7% growth in the overall value of the total bitter market.
Rob MacNevin, Guinness Brewing's marketing director, said: "We have identified an opportunity for a good quality value for money draught bitter in a can with a price position up to 25p a can below the current mainstream brands such as Boddington's and John Smith's.
An avid runner and scuba diver, Bitters lives in Carmel Mountain Ranch with her husband and has two children.
Dedicated taste receptors in the tongue detect sweet or bitter and so on, but it's the brain that affords meaning to these chemicals.
The good news is that custom bitters are easy to crank out in your own kitchen.
There are references to the word cocktail going back to 1806 and it appears that as the recipes evolved the simple mixing of spirit, sugar and bitters became the Old Fashioned.
We are excited to partner with Bourbon Barrel Foods once again and to continue to extend the Woodford Reserve brand with the release of the Spiced Cherry Bitters which perfectly complements our bourbon's unique flavor profile," said Chris Morris, Master Distiller for Woodford Reserve.
We have Abbey Grange No 1 which is a traditional pale ale colour and will taste like a pale ale bitter.
Not only have we determined that, by definition, a cocktail must include bitters, but we have pored over recipes of yore that called for all manner of exotic bitters and have demanded that we be able to use them.
Angostura's first variant on its original bitters product in nearly 200 years will hit shelves in the UK this week.
Aromatic bitters were originally formulated for use as preventive tonics against the fevers and infections that threatened colonial visitors to the tropics.
Over the past 24 months, the Bitters turned down very profitable straight sale transactions, which would have forced their 100% relocation to South Carolina," said John Maltz, managing director of Greiner-Maltz.
Deuchar's IPA, from the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh, set the pace last year and was awarded a bronze medal this time around in the Bitters category behind Bitter And Twisted and Daleside Bitter from Harrogate.
Bitters are an excellent digestive stimulant, but if used over a longer period of time, they need to be combined with some warming aromatic herbs.