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showy succulent ground-hugging plant of Rocky Mountains regions having deep to pale pink flowers and fleshy farinaceous roots

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Last February, the bear from the Bitterroot (then weighing a robust 90 pounds) made the long journey from Helena to a den high in the Rockies.
The Idaho-born mule skinner, whose pack-train adventures deep in the Bitterroot Mountains are legendary, still takes on assignments that would make the inexperienced drivers call for their mother.
Fires burned on both sides of Bitterroot Valley yesterday.
Ravalli's Bitterroot Valley Ecosystem happens to be the largest roadless area in the continental U.
Bitterroot voters also elected seven trustees to the district, although they won't be seated until a school is established, said Cathy Swift, chief legal counsel for the Office of Commissioner of Higher Education.
When they'd run out of food crossing the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho, they encountered the Nez Perce, who also fed them.
Some wanted to kill the explorers, who had just completed a difficult trek across the Bitterroot Mountains.
We were four adults acting like children on a scavenger hunt, searching for signs of renewal on lands burned by the wildfires of 2000 in Sula State Forest, part of Montana's Bitterroot Valley.
Eleven months later, though, when Lewis saw the plant in glorious bloom in the Bitterroot Mountains, he noted it in his acquisitions journal as a "singular plant.
The agency wants to log at least 181 million board feet from the Bitterroot (more than the total harvest of the last 15 years) despite opposition from local residents and scientific evidence that shows logging increases sediment in streams.
Such was the case in January 2001, when The University of Montana's Bureau of Business and Economic Research asked 1,214 Ravalli County residents how the Bitterroot National Forest should be managed in the aftermath of the fires of 2000.
Fish and Wildlife Service in a lawsuit brought by the state of Idaho that seeks to stop grizzly bear restoration in the Bitterroot area of Idaho and Montana.
More than 300 homes have been evacuated in south-western Montana's Bitterroot Valley, where at least 54,000 acres of forest have burned.
At present, he's concentrating on getting Dowries' decision reversed, and building citizen, rancher and timber industry acceptance for the return of the grizzly bear into the economically challenged Bitterroot ecosystem in Idaho.
Rare Earths properties include Diamond Creek, in southeast Idaho's Webster Range and a 600-acre site in the Lemhi Pass, at an elevation of about 7,200 feet on the Continental Divide, between Idaho and the Bitterroot Range of Montana.