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relatively small compact tawny-brown heron with nocturnal habits and a booming cry

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One of the big successes of that hard work was that the bittern chose to nest there last year - the first time it has been recorded nesting in Wales for three decades.
While the thyroid artery has been ascertained to stem directly from the brachiocephalic trunk in the kiwi (Glenny, 1942b), it has been shown to originate from the carotid artery in the Eurasian bittern (Erdogan, 2012).
Y | ESTERDAY'S TERDAY'S TERDA SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Stature 9 Ethos 10 Regal 11 Bittern 12 Bar 13 Lowering 16 Sorcerer 17 Tan 19 Rotunda 21 Agave 22Where 23 Earache DOWN: 1 Ascribe 2 Kangaroo 3 Full 4 Lecturer 5 Shoe 6 Using 8 Elbow grease 13 Licensee 14 Nuthatch 15 Integer 18 Drawn 20 Tier 21 Agra QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Stick insect 8 Coo 9 Art 11 Roasted 12 Issue 13 End 14 Her 15 Ringlet 17 Ego 19 Easy 21Wage 23 Liar 25 Sell 27 Mop 29 Lovable 31 Arc 34 Pin 36 Learn 37 Compere 38 Peg 39 Ail 40 Desert boots DOWN: 1 Soon 2 Toad 3 Cutting 4 Indigo 5 Snide 6 Cash 7 True 8 Crepe 10 Terry 16 Tea 18 Owl 20 Arm 22 All 24 In limbo 25 Scalp 26 Mascot 28 Panel 30 Ounce 32 Reed 33 Cage 34 34 Peat 35 Iris
The killing of a black bittern, a wild bird, in the UP Diliman lagoon set off exchanges in social media with varying positions and emotions.
The "booming" call of the male bittern seeking a mate in the spring is the giveaway to the presence of what is an elusive bird.
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BRITAIN'S loudest bird, the bittern, has made a comeback after nearly disappearing from our shores.
O NE of the UK's rarest birds - the bittern - has had its best year on record, with numbers of breeding males topping 100 for the first time since it came back from extinction.
sea bittern at Rann of Kutch and the technically competent and experienced key managerial personnel.
Among the species on the list are 18, includingSich the bittern, red kite and skylark, which are already proving to be conservation successes - but continued help is needed to maintain their recovery, a report by the RSPB said.
The interests also include Suncora[euro](tm)s share of the ownership of the Triton floating production, storage and offloading vessel related to the Guillemot West/North West and Bittern fields.
Among the optimistic was Diana Bittern, director of product management at Knovel, which was celebrating its 10th anniversary at the SLA event.
Almost 60 per cent of Britain's rarest birds, including once-extinct species such as the bittern, avocet and osprey, have seen their numbers increase over the past decade, a coalition of conservation groups said today.
Another distinctive call you are likely to hear in the Fern Ridge area is the "oonk-a-lunk" of the American Bittern.