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relatively small compact tawny-brown heron with nocturnal habits and a booming cry

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is time, Bittern did stop o in Hudderseld for 20 minutes and we got a really good look at her.
Northumbrian Water's Brian Denham at work in the reed beds at the Birtley site which is attracting rare birds like the Bittern, below
BIRDWATCHERS are lining up to spot three bitterns who are making regular appearances at a nature reserve.
REFUGE Bittern may have fled cold in France for Ireland RECLUSIVE Bittern
BIttErn (left): like a cow blowing its rubbery lips over the top of a wine bottle, the boom of a male bittern is quite unlike anything you will have ever heard.
THE bittern, one of Britain's rarest birds, is booming again after research revealed record numbers across the country.
The Least Bittern (Ixobrychus exilis) is currently classified as vulnerable in Missouri (Missouri Natural Heritage Program 2006) and a Region 3 priority species by the U.
One of Britain's rarest birds, the bittern, has had its best nesting season for at least 130 years, the RSPB and Natural England said yesterday.
Featured are the White-Tailed Eagle, Bearded Tit, Red Kite, Cirl Bunting, Marsh Harrier, Avocet, Bittern, Dartford Warbler, Corncrake and Peregrine Falcon.
The Bentley property is home to the American bittern, an endangered bird species, as well as Blanding's turtle, which is threatened, and the four-toed salamander, a species of special concern.
DIANNE HUGGINS ended her pike fishing season on a high when a rare booming bittern flew over as she battled with a gnashing 24lb 10oz Jaws at a Sussex nature reserve.
They include the yellow headed blackbird and the American bittern, both found in wetland and riparian areas, and the loggerhead shrike, which is a perching bird found in open fields and grasslands.
Successful exploration drilling resulted in new gas discoveries at Bittern Lake, Bow Island and Little Bow.
Contract notice: Rehabilitation of the school lislet geoffroy - quotes the bittern school lot 37 / aluminum joinery.
He also came out to watch the return route, like many others, of two of the infamous machines including Bittern, pictured, as they passed over Yarm viaduct and through Eaglescliffe Railway Station on Tuesday and Wednesday.