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Quinine from Rwanda, lemons from Sicily, bitter oranges from Tanzania, root ginger from India, green ginger from Ecuador
We feasted on poc-chuc, a Yucatan specialty of pork marinated in bitter orange juice and then cooked with onions and herbs.
The Seville orange, or bitter orange, is the ancestor of the modern sweet orange.
Sevilles are rough, bitter oranges which are brilliant for marmalade; however, you can use any oranges during the year.
Made with the bitter oranges of Seville that arrive in winter, no preserve made with any other fruit has that tangy intensity of flavour when the sharpness of the fruit wins out over the sugar.
Bitter oranges are also known as Seville or Bergamot oranges.
The small citrus fruit trade was also gobbled up, and a Frenchman, Louis Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, identifying the potential of Haiti's bitter oranges for use in the production of his family's cognac, purchased plantation land in 1880.
Fuller than the Camp Romain, it's much smoother, too, with rounded flavours of bitter oranges, aniseed and chocolate.
Until the 17th century oranges meant bitter oranges - like the Sevilles we use for marmalade today.
Angostura Orange Bitters is made from a blend of citrus essence and oils from sweet and bitter oranges with spices from the secret recipe.