bitter end

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the final extremity (however unpleasant it may be)

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(nautical) the inboard end of a line or cable especially the end that is wound around a bitt

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Author of Indecent Proposal, Engelhard's latest book tells a gripping story about life in New York City in the 1960s, and The Bitter End is a fitting backdrop for the book's torrid tale.
Over the years, while I worked in the BVI, my son played on the beach at Bitter End and we've enjoyed many Sunday brunches there.
She fought it until the bitter end,' said Mr Butcher, who owns MB Autos in Beddau.
The unique sense of belonging to the greater sailing community that you get at The Bitter End is a one of a kind experience.
Campaigner Glen Paterson said: 'We are going to fight this to the bitter end.
VIRGIN GORDA, British Virgin Islands -- World's great sailors convene at Bitter End to sail with resort guests in one-of-a-kind milestone event
Set in the near future, this revolves around a videogame in which players take control of Death Row inmates and pit them against other cons in a battle to the bitter end.
As Presley decayed physically, artistically and financially, Parker stood firm, booking tours and personal appearances to the bitter end.
John Major faces a crushing election defeat today - but he's determined to hold on to power until the bitter end.
CHICAGO -- Mikhail Shamkin has been named General Manager of Bitter End Yacht Club, the world's premier sailing and watersports destination located on the North Sound, Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands.
Their players played it the right way, their manager acted with honesty throughout and their fans stayed behind them to the bitter end.
The Grand Heritage Hotels brand includes 13 hotels throughout North America, including the Governor Hotel in Portland, Oregon, the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan and the Chanler on Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island.
AS the Spice Girls reunion tour reached its bitter end in Toronto, good ol' James Blunt was on hand to console Mel B - laying a manful hand on her knee.
Toward the end, matters spiral along the melodramatically depressive course that only Scandinavian movies can take with a straight face, but the film nonetheless maintains, to its bitter end, a superb balance of empathy for its tortured protagonists and clear-headed judgments that their own actions are what brought these people to such sorry passes.
According to Schafer, some appraisers will fight it until the bitter end.