bitter chocolate

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pure unsweetened chocolate used in baking and icings and sauces and candy

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The show car is finished in meringue white with a bitter chocolate fabric roof and inside the same colours are used for the two-tone leather.
It is known for its dark and full taste, with up-front flavours of bitter chocolate and hazelnut, with a smooth and rounded finish.
We had another long wait and my bitter chocolate torte with caramel ice cream was particulary bad.
I like a light, sponge tiramisu with a bitter chocolate topping and this was too creamy for me so I left most of it.
From the red grapes Prieto Picudo and Tempranillo, this begins with flavours of smoky toasty plums, which then evolve to bitter chocolate.
A great Italian/Franco double act that's strong on silky berry fruit with the plus of a bitter chocolate after taste that smacks of Italy.
The custard for this recipe uses the same egg-yolk-and-cream base as for creme brulee, but here it is poured steaming hot over bitter chocolate and stirred until smooth.
Bitterness appears in the finish before rich and creamy chocolate flavours appear, soon to be replaced by long-lasting bitter chocolate flavours in the aftertaste.
These oversized mugs from Rice at Berry Red are available in bitter chocolate & white spots, red & white spots or aubergine & white spots.
I get bitter chocolate and raspberries," said Chris Conti (Tom Conti's wife)
Choose from modernist leather sofas and recliner designs in trendy neutrals - cream, beige or taupe - or boldly contrast a clean minimal living space with a corner group in dark red, bitter chocolate or timeless black leather - ideal for stylish city living.
Try one of his recipes for Carnation Light ( Coffee CrAme Brulee, Glazed Lemon & Blackberry Cream Pots, Bitter Chocolate and Orange Truffles or Champagne and Raisin Syllabub.
1 teaspoon butter 150g dark, bitter chocolate Half teaspoon vanilla essence Half tablespoon brandy, rum or whisky 85g caster sugar 4 large free-range eggs, separated 1 tablespoon plain flour, sifted
Somerfield has Blueridge Chardonnay 2002, with apricot, and peachy fruit and a touch of creamy oak and Blueridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 with typical ripe blackcurrant flavours and a hint of bitter chocolate .
It's the cocoa butter t gives chocolate its melting properties so higher the proportion, the better the resul The bitter chocolate pyramid is a rest rant favourite that freezes really wel home make more than you need and it ready-made mid-week treat.