bitter chocolate

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pure unsweetened chocolate used in baking and icings and sauces and candy

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Smells like bitter chocolate, or even black coffee.
Also known as bitter chocolate, it doesn't have sugar, flavorings or added fat.
Desserts, such as Christmas pudding, Baileys creme brulee and bitter chocolate tart, will be followed with coffee and mince pies.
Turning point double IPA: bitter chocolate, stone fruit, ripe apricots, and the nectarines long floral finish with bitter edge.
On the palate, a buzz of acidity, soft tannins, red fruits and pepper; a bitter chocolate lingers as the fruit dies away.
With sweet varieties such as lemon thyme pana cotta, chocolate crunchy cake, summer berry trifle, bitter chocolate and praline mousse shooter and tonka bean creme brulee, it was indeed a royal treat.
The delightful Vanilio: velvety aromas of vanilla and mellow flavours; Ciocattino: dark and bitter chocolate notes with caramelised roasted flavours; and Caramelito: sweet flavour of caramel with roasted notes and creaminess of sweet toffee, can be used in a variety of creative ways as a dessert ingredient - think affogato and tiramisu
Some of the dishes Artemesia is most renowned for include chocolate and aubergine capponata, a mix of bitter chocolate and fried egg plant and the luxury gold chocolate ingot, a triple chocolate bar with a crunchy biscuit coating with dark chocolate fondant and 24k gold leaf.
After highly acclaimed solo performances, including Untitled and Bitter Chocolate , Lushin is back with director Aravind Gaur and the issue at the centre of her latest solo act, I Will Not Cry , is child mortality in India.
Chill when cooked, then cut into fingers and serve with vanilla ice cream RECIPE OF THE WEEK From the Welsh Culinary Team Dion Jones, senior chef de partie at De Vere Carden Park near Chester Bitter chocolate mousse & vanilla ice cream (serves 4) ingredients
A dessert of iced honey nougat, bitter chocolate mousse, poached pear and port jelly perfected Paul's five-course degustation menu.
GRINDLEY, Sally Bitter Chocolate Bloomsbury, 2010 174pp $15.
Although the flavour of the ingredient is not obviously chocolatey, it compliments and extends bitter chocolate notes perfectly in a range of baked goods.
From the bacony aroma, to the smoky, meaty body, right through to the bitter chocolate finish, this is one rauchbier to savor.
We plumped for bitter chocolate tart with raspberry sorbet and Beloved had his favourite, Bramley apple crumble - this time with toffee apple custard and vanilla ice cream.