bits per second

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(computer science) the rate at which data is transferred (as by a modem)

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If a potential subscriber or republisher contacts us from a `difficult' country such as the Slovak Republics, Russia and even Poland, where 300 bits per second is the accepted norm, we can get them online with Newsbytes for the absolute minimum cost, which is typically of the order of pennies per day," he said.
Successful data transmission over optical fiber must optimize or maximize several parameters, such as bits per second, number of distinct wavelengths used simultaneously to send signals, or the distance the optical signals can travel without being regenerated (turned back into the electrical domain, amplified, and reconverted to light).
Digital networks are available in most urban areas now, with transmission speeds of 1,544,000 bits per second common.
The TeraScale E1200, with its industry-leading 10 Gigabit Ethernet port density, will serve as the interconnection and aggregation point for StorCloud, the conference's on-demand high performance storage area network, exhibitor spaces and outside networks, providing the throughput and capacity to process 150 billion bits per second in a single system.
CompuServe offers access at modem speeds of 14,400 bits per second in many major cities, the only major online service to do so, and at the same cost as access at 9,600 bits per second.
Galileo's low-gain antennas could then step up data transmission from 10 bits per second to 100 bits per second.
YDI offers an extensive line of long-range wireless products and solutions enabling voice, data, and Internet communication at data rates from 9600 bits per second to 1.
The Fax Modem Card communicates at 2400 bits per second (for electronic mail and online services) and 9600 bits per second (for faxes).
24 in getting the craft to send 1,200 bits of information per second, not just the 40 bits per second to which it dropped during its recovery from the first signal loss.
The Fujitsu ATM switching systems provide a single platform for multiple services at digital speeds ranging from 64,000 bits per second to 622 million bits per second.